Women's Caucus Meeting

December 14, 1998

Marie Carter gave an overview and update on the two vice-presidential searches.

Position announcements were listed in the Chronicle of Higher Education, Black Issues, women in Education, and the Washington Post newspaper. Deadline is December 15th.

There are a number of women and minorities who have returned vitae. Almost all have doctorates and many tend to have general experience (currently are vice-presidents).

All search committee members have the applications. The final packet will be distributed by the holiday intersession.

Jan. 11-13th: both committees will be meeting to narrow the selection, followed by the interview selection (at which time those selected will be intereviewed in February).

Ms.Carter stated there would be open sessions to the campus community for both groups.

Because of the nature of the position, there will be more groups meeting the candidates for the VP for Student Affairs than for the VP for Administration and Finance. (Special sessions with the students will be held with the candidates for the Vice-President for Student Affairs only).

As a result of comments and concerns made at our November meeting, Ms. Carter is looking into scheduling staff development sessions for our employees, specifically for those in the Dining Hall and Maintenance Department, who often get overlooked because of the time needed for any kind of program/sessions dealing with things for them. Ms. Carter stated that she will be in touch with those supervisors in those specific areas next semester to see if something can be arranged.

Because of the timing of the beginning of the semester, the Caucus will meet later in the month.

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