Women's Caucus Meeting

December 1, 1997

1. November 20th minutes sent to Tim to make available through the Shepherd College website

2. No one was present to discuss the sexual harassment conference so this will be on the agenda for the next meeting:

January 21, 1998 (3rd Wednesday) NOON

3. Discussion about campus events to support- AIDS Day, the Counseling center's program and lunch meetings for women- next one Thursday, December 11th.

4. Decided to meet only once a month. At the January meeting we will set an agenda for the rest of the semester: including inviting the Athletic Committee in February to talk about: purpose of committee; membership and how appointed; Title IX plan; specific functions of: NCAA Compliance Coordinator, Faculty Athletic representative; Athletic Academic Advisor, and Title IX Coordinator.

Next meeting: January 21, 1998 Noon

  • sexual harassment brochure status

  • sexual harassment conference follow-up

  • support for women's sports program

  • set agenda for rest of the semester

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