Washington Gateway Minutes

Washington Gateway Minutes
October 8, 1997

Members Present: Adams, Ecton, Evanisko-Long, Lidgerding, Merz, Morris, Rochefort, Saab, Schirf, Shindle, Smith.

Committee Reorganization: There was discussion concerning the Faculty Senate's action to reduce the size of the Washington Gateway Committee. The director was requested to draft a letter to the Faculty Senate indicating Gateway's desire to remain a large committee with three faculty members per division. The letter would then be signed by all present Committee members and sent to John Schultz.

Operating Guidelines: It was suggested to table further discussion on guidelines until the committee structure issue is resolved.

Budget Report: As of October 8, total funds spent and/or encumbered for 1997-98 were $72,868. The Foundation (Cash) Fund is now at $4,209.50. Requests for WV Lottery funds are now being processed by the West Virginia Secretary of Education.

Spring 1998 Course Proposal-second reading: The host site for "Fitness Programs in a Sports Pavilion" is located in Gaithersburg. Prof. Fincham is waiting on a letter from the host site. MSP to accept "Fitness Programs in a Sports Pavilion" by Ed Fincham providing a letter from host site is received.

Honors trip: The bus for the September 11 trip did not show, and Drs. Dwyer/Carter's students were unable to attend a play in Silver Spring. It was recommended that these students be provided an additional trip to the National Theater for a November 5th play and one free pass to each student for any Saturday bus trip during the current academic year. MSP to approve recommendation.

Departmental Trips: Gateway has chartered a bus for students in social work and sociology for a trip to Washington, D.C., on November 4. Students and faculty will visit a soup kitchen, the NSWA headquarters, and a committee hearing in the Capitol building.

Spring 1998-Speaker, Art Dept.: The art department requested $350 for a speaker from the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing to lecture at Shepherd during the 1998 Spring Semester. MSP to suspend the one meeting rule and provide the $350 funding to the art department.

Washington Center: This is private association that coordinates and places students with internships in the D.C., area. It was learned by the director that two $4,000 scholarships have been given to Shepherd. The director has informed Dr. Stern that he would like to be a part of the committee that distributes scholarship funds.

Correction to previous minutes: Mary Shindle's name was omitted from the minutes.

Meeting adjourned at 4 p.m.

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