Washington Gateway Minutes

Washington Gateway Minutes
January 28, 1998

Members Present: Greenwood (chair), Adams, Ecton, Geffert, Gonino, Lidgerding, Merz, Morris, Rochefort, Shindle, Smith, Urban

MSP to accept the minutes of November 12, 1997.

Membership: Only two members, as designated by their division, may vote. The third representative is an alternate and may vote if one of the two designated representatives are absent.

Budget Report: As of January 28, 1998, total funds spent and/or encumbered for 1997-98 amounted to $79,876.

Course Proposals: Fall course proposals are needed by the next meeting. Due to budget, there will be no request for summer school proposals.

Internships: An explanation of the internship scholarship sponsored by the Washington Center in Washington, DC was presented to the Committee. March 15 is the deadline date for students to apply to this program. A recipient would receive $4,000 ($2,000 from the state of West Virginia and a matching $2,000 from the Washington Center). The Gateway Committee has been designated by President Dunlop to select two recipients.

Subcommittee Report-Internship Stipends: The subcommittee presented Guideline Changes for Internship Awards to the Committee. Committee members were asked to review before the next meeting. The Stipend Subcommittee was also asked to review the policy for Washington Semester stipends.

Speaker Requests: Three speaker requests were received: Shepherd College Republicans are requesting $1,000 to bring in Oliver North as a speaker. Bill Lucht is requesting $1,000 for speakers - Maureen Bunyan/Ruth Coniff. Rhonda Smith is requesting $350 for speaker - Tom Nakashima. The Committee will vote on these requests at its next meeting on February 11.


1. JHG Research: According to a study of 1991/92 JHG participants, 78% went to college following graduation from high school. Eight are attending Shepherd.

2. Spring Courses: Enrollments for 1998 Spring Courses are as follows; 12 for Women in the Arts and Literature ENGL 366 - Shurbutt, 13 for Projects Workshop in Graphic Design GRDS 479 - Roman, and 11 for Fitness Programs in a Sports Pavilion RECR 399 - Fincham.

3. The 1998 Spring Saturday Bus Schedule (Date/City/Stop): January 31, Baltimore - Inner Harbor; February 21, March 7, April 4, & April 18 - Washington, DC - Air & Space Museum; and May 2, Baltimore - Inner Harbor.

4.Interns Receiving Washington Gateway Assistance, Spring 1998:

Washington Semester Interns: Jill Marple is a psychology major working at the AIDS Policy Center Children Youth & Families for in Washington. Her faculty supervisors are Drs. Merz/Adams. Gina Alsdorf is a RBA student working at Congressman Wise's Office in Washington. Her supervisors are Drs. Woods/Adams. Christian Schweiger is a RBA student working at Senator Robb's Office in Washington. His supervisors are Drs. Woods/Adams.

Independent Internship: Antoinette Marchette, a recent graduate of the elementary education program, is working as intern for the Deputy Chief of Staff in the White House and at Senator Rockefeller's Office in Washington. John Adams is her faculty supervisor.

Department Interns: Four recreation interns received Gateway stipends and are being supervised by Ms. Beverly Holden. They are; Brian Sands with the Bowie Baysox in Bowie, Md., Laura Shevock at the Health/Works USA Today & Gannett in Arlington, Va., Allison Brining at The Rio Sport & Health in Gaithersburg, Md., and Andrea Edwards at the Northern Virginia Training Center in Fairfax, Va.

5. For the Spring Semester, 27 trips have been scheduled and arranged by the Washington Gateway Office. Trips that have been completed to date include: Shurbutt's class to Washington, January 17 and Fincham's class to Gaithersburg, January 27.

Trips remaining for the semester include:
January 30, Shurbutt's class to Washington;
January 31, Saturday Bus to Baltimore;
February 3, Fincham's class to Gaithersburg;
February 11, Dwyer's Honors class to Washington;
February 11, Roman's class to Baltimore;
February 17, Fincham's class to Gaithersburg;
February 18, Hanson's BSN students to Bethesda;
February 21, Saturday Bus to Washington;
February 28, Adler's class to Glen Echo;
February 28, Roman's class to Baltimore;
March 2, Dwyer's Honors class to Washington;
March 3, Fincham's class to Gaithersburg;
March 6, Shurbutt's class to Washington;
March 7, Saturday Bus to Washington;
March 17, Fincham's class to Gaithersburg;
March 31, Fincham's class to Gaithersburg;
April 2, Dwyer's Honors class to Washington;
April 4, Saturday Bus to Washington;
April 7, Fincham's class to Gaithersburg;
April 15, Roman's class to Baltimore;
April 18, Saturday Bus to Washington;
April 20, Roman's class to Baltimore;
April 21, Geffert's class to Washington;
May 2, Saturday Bus to Washington; and
May 5, Fincham's class to Gaithersburg.

6. Evaluations of the Junior High Washington Gateway Academy held July 1997 were tabulated. Participants rated Gateway activities at the end of the week according to a five point Likert scale with a 1 meaning disliked and 5 meaning liked very much. Mean results for each activity are as follows:

  • Educational Activities (math, 3.70; science/biology, 4.22; social studies, 3.74; study skills, 4.31; SIGI/career planning, 4.25; college planning, 4.31; and journals, 2.41);

  • Educational Trips (Harpers Ferry, 3.63; Washington, DC, 4.41; the Capitol, 4.07; Arlington National Cemetery, 4.09; National Archives, 3.77; memorials, 4.20; Antietam (rained out), 3.44; Baltimore, 4.50; Columbus Center, 4.08; Aquarium, 4.71);

  • Meals (dinners, 3.63; breaks, 3.81; banquet, 4.31; breakfasts, 3.16; and lunch, 3.45);

  • Recreation (Olympics, 4.11; dance, 4.42; games & bowling, 4.81; opening activities, 3.89; and swimming, 3.79).

MSP to adjourn the meeting at 5 p.m.

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