Faculty Senate Minutes

The Faculty Senate met on Monday: September 17, 2001 at 3:15 in the Blue-Gray Room.

20 Senators present for the meeting: Bob Willgoos, Barbara Maxwell, Barbara Kemerer, Sonya Evanisko, Geri Crawley-Woods, Jim Lewin, E.S. Phillips, J.W. Thatcher, Daniel De Palma, Jim Pantle, Denis Woods, Irv Tucker, Roland Bergman, Jack Schmidt, Richard Gibson, Ed Snyder, Carl Bell, Judy Kepple, Parvin Rahnavard, Joyce Webb

Guests present for the meeting: V.J Brown, Roger Hamood, John Landolt, Lynn Hanson, Joe Simplicio

Items on the printed agenda for the day were moved for Senate convenience.

1. Introductions of new senators for this semester (Senators: Jack Schmidt, Richard Gibson, Carl Bell and Parvin Rahnavard)

2. J.W. Thatcher conducted elections for the vacant positions in the Senate:
a. Barbara Maxwell was nominated by Steve Phillips to replace Larry Adams for Senate Secretary. Elected by acclamation.
b. Steve Phillips was nominated by Roland Bergman to fill the vacancy as Chair of the Professional Development Committee. Elected by acclamation.
c. Elections of 2 Senators for the Senate Bylaws Committee will be held at the next Senate meeting on October 1, 2001.

3. Dr. Sylvia Shurbutt, Shepherd College representative to the State Advisory Council of Faculty, distributed the report of the summer retreat of the Council. She highlighted the ACF discussion points: merit pay, etc.

4. Minutes of the April 16, 2001 -- Approved as distributed

5. Minutes of the April 30, 2001 -- Approved as distributed

6. Reconsideration of the Criteria for Associate Professor -- J.W. Thatcher offered an amendment to the minutes of April 2, 2001 stating that the clarification of National Certifications which he distributed failed to appear in the minutes. Steve Phillips ruled that a 2/3's vote was necessary to rescind the approval of the April 2, 2001 minutes as per item 7 on the Rescind description from Robert's Rules of Order as distributed. A motion to rescind approval passed.

Article 3 in the Motion to revise the Faculty Handbook was corrected as follows:
Item 3. Hold an advanced degree, and a national certification. The appropriate national certification will be identified at the Division level and will be subject to approval by the Faculty Senate.
a. Nursing: a candidate must meet the following criterion:
National Certification in Nursing by a recognized professional specialty group that includes one of the following:
AACN--American Association of Critical Care Nurses
ANCC--American Nurses Credentialing Center
NAPNAP--National Association of Pediatric Nurse Associates and Practitioners
b. Accounting: a candidate must meet the following criterion:
The designation of Certified Public Accountant, or Certified Management Accountant that is obtained by successfully completing an examination prepared by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants or the Institute of Management Accountants.

Committee Reports
1. Admission & Credit (Senator Thatcher) Rail will be available 2 extra days during fall registration and all other registrations when classes begin on Monday.

2. Affirmative Action (Senator Lewin) Helen Peters has been elected as the new chair of the Affirmative Action Committee.

3. Assessment [NCA] (Senator Pantle) Jim Pantle requested all segments of the campus involved in assessment observe the timelines. Materials from Assessment and other requests needed asap will be put into the NCA report, which will close shortly in preparation for the Feb.25-27, 2002 visit. The latest version of the report is on the VPAA's web site.

4. Bylaws (Senator Phillips) After the election next month, the committee will meet and produce a clean copy of the bylaws of the Faculty Senate.

5. Computer Services (Senator Mihailous) -- no report

6. Curriculum & Instruction (Senator Webb) -- no report

7. Ethics (Senator Crawley-Woods) AAUP Statement of Professional Ethics was distributed to the senators. Geri Crawley-Woods questioned the membership makeup of the committee.

8. Gateway (Senator Kremerer) -- no report

9. Library (Senator Bergman) -- no report

10. Professional Development (Senator Bergman) No recommendation on the promotion policy will be forthcoming.

11. Research Ethics (Senator Tucker) Senate needs to review membership and charge of committee. Proposals for grants need review before going to Dr. Watson.

12. Scholarship & Awards (Senator Kepple) -- no report

New Business
Senator Pantle stated that the VPAA Committee list appears to be out of date and needs to be upgraded to reflect current faculty committee assignments.

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara A. Maxwell

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