Faculty Senate Minutes

The Faculty Senate met on Monday: November 5, 2001 at 3:15 in the Cumberland Room.

16 Senators were present for the meeting: Carl Bell, Daniel De Palma, Geri Crawley-Woods, Sonya Evanisko, Richard Gibson, Judy Kepple, Barbara Kemerer, Jim Lewin, Barbara Maxwell, Alec Mihailovs, Jim Pantle, E.S. Phillips, Parvin Rahnavard, J. W. Thatcher, Joyce Webb, Bob Willgoos

Other Senators: Roland Bergman, Jack Schmidt, Ed Snyder, Irving Tucker, Denis Woods

1. Minutes of the October 1, and October 15, 2001 meetings were approved as distributed.
2. Items for agenda will be brought forth in committee reports.

Committee Reports
1. Admission & Credit (Senator Thatcher) Senator Thatcher reported that Admissions & Credits had earlier passed a resolution listing the 12th class week as the last week to withdraw from classes; however, the web calendar for the current semester lists November 16, 2001 which is in the 13th week. Since faculty evaluations end on November 16th, Senator Phillips has written to Dr. Betty Myers to secure an extension for faculty evaluations to November 30, 2001. A response has been forwarded to faculty.
2. Affirmative Action (Senator Lewin) No report
3. Assessment [NCA] (Senator Pantle) No report
4. Bylaws (Senator Phillips) The Committee will convene soon.
5. Computer Services (Senator Mihailovs) The Committee met and discussed faculty space on the M drive and department web pages. Both issues have been resolved. Senator Mihailovs pointed out that the committee membership and David Thompson's title do not match the Senate bylaws. Matter referred to the Bylaws Committee.
6. Curriculum & Instruction (Senator Webb) No report
7. Ethics (Senator Crawley-Woods) No report
8. Gateway (Senator Kemerer) No report
9. Library (Senator Bergman) No report
10. Professional Development (Senator Philllips) Senator Phillips reported that the Committee had met. Letters for faculty sabbaticals, summer stipends, and mini grants will be sent out shortly. Senator Phillips distributed the email from Dr. Stern concerning the reassignment of faculty for professional development purposes.
11. Research Ethics (Senator Tucker) No report
12. Scholarship & Awards (Senator Kepple) No report

New Business
1. Distribution of Minutes: Senator Maxwell will distribute the current approved minutes to the faculty and will investigate putting future minutes on the College's Minweb. Senator Maxwell will also check about adding meeting times to the Calendar.
2. Senator Crawley -Woods distributed a proposal for a senate resolution regarding the final examination period that was M/S. After considerable discussion about the various aspects the final exam schedule and potential time infringements, it was M/S/P that the discussion be postponed until the next meeting on December 3rd.

The next meeting of the Faculty Senate will be December 3, 2001 at 3:15 p.m. in the Cumberland Room.

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara Maxwell

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