Faculty Senate Minutes

The Faculty Senate met on Monday, March 4 2002 at 3:15 in the Cumberland Room.

17 Senators were present for the meeting: Carl Bell, Roland Bergman, Geri Crawley-Woods, Sonya Evanisko, Richard Gibson, Barbara Kemerer, Judy Kepple, Jim Lewin, Barbara Maxwell, Alec Mihailovs, Jim Pantle, Parvin Rahnavard, E.S. Phillips, IrvingTucker, Robert Warburton, Joyce Webb, Bob Willgoos, Denis Woods

Other Senators: Daniel De Palma, Ed Snyder, J. W. Thatcher

Guests: Dr. Sylvia Shurbutt, Shepherd College representative to the Advisory Council of Faculty; Dr. Michael Austin, Chair of the Department of English

1. Minutes of the February 18, 2002 meeting were approved as amended.
2. Items for agenda will be brought forth in committee reports.

Advisory Council of Faculty Report
Dr. Shurbutt distributed a report of the February 14, 2002 Advisory Council of Faculty meeting. Dr. Shurbutt attended the joint meeting of the ACF and the Advisory Council of Classified Employees. The report included information on admission standards, advanced placement policy, administrative evaluations, the State compact, effect of Senate Bill 547, and many other issues including merit pay and methods that might be employed to implement the criteria of merit pay. One suggestion that Shurbutt discussed was bringing in an off-campus "expert" to advise faculty concerning criteria for this process. Discussion followed with some cautionary remarks being expressed by a minority of the Senators.

Committee Reports
1. Admission & Credit (Senator Thatcher ) No report
2. Affirmative Action (Senator Lewin) No report
3. Assessment [NCA] (Senator Pantle) Senator Pantle lauded the campus for its participation in the NCA review.
4. Bylaws (Senator Phillips) Senator Phillips moved the adoption of a revised version of the Shepherd College Faculty Senate By laws as previously distributed. Motion was S/P.
5. Computer Services (Senator Mihailovs) No report
6. Curriculum & Instruction (Senator Webb) No report
7. Ethics (Senator Crawley-Woods) Senator Crawley-Woods reported that she has two representatives for the Ethics Committee. She is awaiting two more divisional responses.
8. Gateway (Senator Kemerer) No report
9. Library (Senator Bergman) No report
10. Professional Development (Senator Philllips) Senator Phillips reported that the Committee had met and mini grants were awarded. The Vice-President for Development has been notified of the awards. April 1st is the deadline for applying for the one course release time for research for spring 2003 semester.
11. Research Ethics (Senator Tucker) No report
12. Scholarship & Awards (Senator Kepple) Senator Kepple reported that the names of the nominees for McMurran scholars are in the mail.

Old Business
1. Senator Lewin moved the Faculty Senate consider the adjunct faculty petition. After some discussion, it was M/S/P to table the petition in order to provide the Senators more financial information.
2. Senator Phillips moved the adoption of the Annual Faculty Report form with a printed date for use next academic year. Motion was S/P.

New Business
1. Senator Phillips moved the adoption of the Re-write of the Document on Academic Freedom and Responsibilities as distributed; motion failed for lack of a second. Senator Evanisko moved that a subcommittee composed of Senator Phillips, Senator Woods, and Dr. Austin, as chair, rewrite the Document on Academic Freedom and Responsibilities after posting a meeting date for faculty input. The rewritten document will be presented at the next Senate meeting. The motion was S/P.
2. A motion to discuss merit at the next meeting was M/S/P.

The next meeting of the Faculty Senate will be April 1, 2002 at 3:15 p.m. in the Cumberland Room.

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara Maxwell

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