Faculty Senate Minutes

The Faculty Senate met on Monday, February 18, 2002 at 3:15 in the Cumberland Room.

17 Senators were present for the meeting: Carl Bell, Roland Bergman, Daniel De Palma, Geri Crawley-Woods, Sonya Evanisko, Richard Gibson, Barbara Kemerer, Judy Kepple, Jim Lewin, Barbara Maxwell, E.S. Phillips, J. W. Thatcher, IrvingTucker, Robert Warburton, Joyce Webb, Bob Willgoos, Denis Woods

Other Senators: Alec Mihailovs, Jim Pantle, Parvin Rahnavard, Ed Snyder

Guests: Dr. Mark Stern, Vice President for Academic Affairs; Dr. David Eldridge, Registrar; Dr. Howard Seiler, Faculty Athletics Representative

1. Minutes of the February 4, 2002 meeting were approved as distributed.
2. Items for agenda will be brought forth in committee reports.

Presentation by VPAA Mark Stern
Dr. Stern briefed the Faculty Senate on the upcoming North Central Association (NCA) Accreditation visit. The VPAA praised Senator Pantle for his production efforts relating to the College's self-study report that has been presented to the NCA visiting team. The report paints a picture of the College as it is in 2002. It emphasizes the College's efforts as related to assessment, responses to the concerns expressed by the 1992 NCA visiting team as well as other information pertinent to the institution and the NCA team that will visit the campus on February 25-27, 2002. The VPAA encouraged the Senators to attend the luncheon at noon on Monday February 25, 2002 with members of the NCA visiting team and cordially invite their colleagues to join them at the luncheon. In other matters the VPAA announced that the grievance procedures in the State Policy Series 36 had been amended. Dr. Stern asked the Senate to consider the revisions of the Annual Faculty report form and report back to him in March.

Presentation by FAR's Howard Seiler
Howard Seiler reported on his role as Faculty Athletics Representative (FAR). He distributed several items: Student/Athlete Academic Progress Report, Areas of Academic Concern for Student Athletes, Faculty Athletics Representative Duties, Faculty Handbook pages about Attendance, and Student Handbook page on attendance. Members of the Faculty Senate and Seiler discussed several of his reports concerning the athletes and the College's academic program.

Committee Reports
1. Admission & Credit (Senator Thatcher ) No report
2. Affirmative Action (Senator Lewin) Senator Lewin reported that the Affirmative Action Committee is considering due-process policies for racial discrimination similar to those in force for sexual harassment. The Committee is also reviewing the report of the President's Commission on Minorities and Social Justice.
3. Assessment [NCA] (Senator Pantle) No report
4. Bylaws (Senator Phillips) Senator Phillips reminded the members to review the distributed the By-laws revisions and the list of relevant changes in this version of the By-laws for discussion at the March 4,2002 Faculty Senate meeting.
5. Computer Services (Senator Mihailovs) No report
6. Curriculum & Instruction (Senator Webb) No report
7. Ethics (Senator Crawley-Woods) Senator Crawley-Woods reported that she has contacted the four Division Chairs asking that each Division hold an election for one representative to the Ethics Committee. She is awaiting divisional responses.
8. Gateway (Senator Kemerer) No report
9. Library (Senator Bergman) No report
10. Professional Development (Senator Philllips) Senator Phillips reported that the Committee had met and forwarded Summer stipends recommendations to the Vice-President for Academic Affairs. Mini-grants will be reviewed next.
11. Research Ethics (Senator Tucker) No report
12. Scholarship & Awards (Senator Kepple) Senator Kepple reported that Carol Van Evera will be the speaker at the McMurran Assembly to be held on Wednesday, April 24, 2002. Senator Kepple also reported that the processes for nominating McMurran scholars was on schedule and that there are 48 nominees.

Old Business
1. Senator Lewin requested the Faculty Senate consider an adjunct faculty petition. It was M/S to discuss this matter. After some discussion, it was M/S/P to postpone further debate on the resolution until the next meeting.
2. Dr. Tucker presented an ethics report that relates to a grade appeal lodged against Senator Joyce Webb. An earlier report was made to the Faculty Senate in spring 2001concerning this matter. Senator Webb wanted the matter brought back to the attention of the Senate. It was M/S/P to send copies of the Tucker ethics report to: the ad hoc grade appeals committee, Department Chair, Division Chair, the VPAA, College President, and College Counsel.

New Business
1. Senator Thatcher presented a resolution supporting the Registrar's recommendation on the fall exam schedule and encouraging faculty to adhere to the VPAA's final examination schedule. The resolution was M/S/P.
2. Senator Crawley-Woods moved that the Faculty Senate commend Dr. James Pantle for the time and diligent effort Dr. Pantle has contributed to the preparation of the NCA report. The motion was S/P.

Senator Willgoos reminded members of the Faculty Senate to participate in the NCA luncheon on Monday, February 25, 2002.

The next meeting of the Faculty Senate will be March 4, 2002 at 3:15 p.m. in the Cumberland Room.

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara Maxwell

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