Faculty Senate Minutes

The Faculty Senate met on Monday, February 4, 2002 at 3:15 in the Cumberland Room.

16 Senators were present for the meeting: Carl Bell, Roland Bergman, Daniel De Palma, Geri Crawley-Woods, Sonya Evanisko, Richard Gibson, Judy Kepple, Jim Lewin, Barbara Maxwell, Jim Pantle, E.S. Phillips, J. W. Thatcher, IrvingTucker, Joyce Webb, Bob Willgoos, Denis Woods

Other Senators: Barbara Kemerer, Alec Mihailovs, Parvin Rahnavard, Robert Warburton , Ed Snyder

Guests: Dr. David Eldridge, Registrar

1. Minutes of the December 3, 2001 meeting were approved as amended.
2. Items for agenda will be brought forth in committee reports.

Committee Reports
1. Admission & Credit (Senator Thatcher ) Senator Thatcher presented a resolution concerning exam week practices including calendar and semester length. Dr. Eldridge, representing the Calendar Committee, outlined proposed changes to the academic year calendar that include elimination of the Monday class schedule during the 16th week of the fall semester. This would eliminate the current Saturday exam schedule. It was M/S/P to continue discussion on the resolution. Senator Thatcher distributed for information to the Senators a copy of the Section Change Request Form requiring signatures from all parties involved with the student filing the form with the Division Chair, who then approves and forwards the form to the Registrar. This removes the Admissions and Credits Committee from considering intra-departmental requests to change sections of the same course.
2. Affirmative Action (Senator Lewin) Senator Lewin reported that the Affirmative Action Committee is considering Minority/Gay and Lesbian focus group reports.
3. Assessment [NCA] (Senator Pantle) No report
4. Bylaws (Senator Phillips) Senator Phillips distributed a copy of the bylaws and a list of relevant changes in this version of the By-laws. The Senate President assured the body that a discussion of the changes will be on the agenda of the March 4, 2002 Faculty Senate meeting.
5. Computer Services (Senator Mihailovs) No report
6. Curriculum & Instruction (Senator Webb) Senator Webb announced that the next meeting of the Committee will be February 11, 2002.
7. Ethics (Senator Crawley-Woods) Senator Crawley-Woods distributed a Summary of her research for the Ethics Committee Models. Senator Phillips constructed a motion that the Chair of the Ethics Committee shall contact the four Division Chairs asking that each Division hold an election for one representative to the Ethics Committee to consider guidelines for the development of ethical procedures. This motion was M/S/P.
8. Gateway (Senator Kemerer) No report
9. Library (Senator Bergman) No report
10. Professional Development (Senator Philllips) Senator Phillips reported that the Committee had met and forwarded sabbatical applications to the Vice-President for Academic Affairs. Summer stipends have been received. Mini-grants are due February 15, 2002.
11. Research Ethics (Senator Tucker) No report
12. Scholarship & Awards (Senator Kepple) Senator Kepple reported that the Committee had met and plans are underway for the McMurran Assembly to be held on Wednesday, April 24, 2002. Senator Kepple asked that the Faculty Senate endorse the Scholarship & Awards Committee's recommendation for the creation of a Joseph P. McMurran Society for the scholars previously elected for this honor. The endorsement was M/S/P.

Old Business
1. Senator Lewin requested the Faculty Senate consider an adjunct faculty petition. It was M/S to discuss this matter. After some discussion, it was M/S/P to postpone further debate on the resolution until the next meeting.

1. Senator Willgoos announced that Dr. Mark Stern will be present at the next meeting to discuss two documents as distributed: Revisions to college policies on academic action and Academic Freedom and Responsibility.

The next meeting of the Faculty Senate will be February 18, 2002 at 3:15 p.m. in the Cumberland Room.

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara Maxwell

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