Faculty Senate Minutes

The Faculty Senate met on Monday, April 1, 2002 at 3:15 in the Cumberland Room.

18 Senators were present for the meeting: Carl Bell, Roland Bergman, Daniel De Palma, Sonya Evanisko, Richard Gibson, Barbara Kemerer, Judy Kepple, Jim Lewin, Barbara Maxwell, Alec Mihailovs, Jim Pantle, E.S. Phillips, J. W. Thatcher, Irving Tucker, Robert Warburton, Joyce Webb, Bob Willgoos, Denis Woods

Other Senators: Geri Crawley-Woods, Parvin Rahnavard, Ed Snyder

Guests: Dr. Anna DeVito, Dr. Walter Hanak, Dr. John Landolt, Dr. Joseph Merz, Mr. Reza Mirdamadi, Ms. Karen Pugsley, Dr. Joseph Simplicio, Dr. Mark Stern

1. It was M/S/P the approval of the Minutes for March 4, 2002 be postponed.
2. Dr. Phillips distributed copies of the document Academic rights and responsibilities. It was agreed to discuss this document at the next meeting.
3. Dr. Lewin distributed a letter from Dr. Austin summarizing the key points in the document listed above.
4. It was agreed that the Agenda for the day be suspended in order to accommodate the following discussion.

A lengthy discussion followed concerning the report from the "Extant Ethics Committee" and its findings on a grade appeal case that was decided during Spring 2000.

Our records indicate that the following departments must hold elections prior to the May 6th 2002 meeting. Corrections are solicited.

Business Administration/FACS
Social Work

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara Maxwell

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