Enrollment Management Committee Minutes

Enrollment Management Committee Minutes
September 16, 1998

PRESENT: Wolf, Seiler, Cameron, Eldridge, Van Metre, Starliper, Rudolf, Sturm, Benedict, Carter, Checkovich, and Felisher (student).

1. Election of officers: Chair......Dan Starliper; Secretary..it was decided to have members serve as secretary on a rotational (alphabetical) basis.

2. Fall Enrollment Update. Both Karl and Dave presented figures for Fall. The figures presented were slightly different because of the different ways of reporting. Neither report was final as there are still students to be entered in the count. Both showed a slight decrease in both head count and FTE. Causes and possible solutions were discussed. Why is there a decline in continuing students? We need a follow-up to answer this. It was again pointed out that it is easier to keep a student who is already here than to recruit a new student. Why are accepted students withdrawing their applications? Karl reported that 791 students withdrew their application after being accepted. This accounts for 87% of the total who withdrew and, of those, 60% are out-of -state students. Sandi reported that, in some follow-up conversations she was told that the student had little or no personal contact from the major department and that they "didn't feel wanted". Why are the numbers of Special Students down? This is partly due to Potomac State teaching courses at Martinsburg High School. Not only have we lost those students at Martinsburg but it also has been reported that students from Berkeley Springs are attending the same classes at Martinsburg HS. Discussion centered on what could we do to gain get these students back and what classes could we offer that would appeal to the high schools and the students. It was suggested that departments that are not active in recruitment should be encourage and helped to do so. Karl pointed out that a large portion of our enrollment increases in answer to SB 547 have been in Art and Recreation and Leisure Studies where enrollments have almost quadrupled. MSP...The Enrollment Management Committee recommends three programs be submitted for inclusion in the Academic Common Market. The three are Family and Consumer Science, Business Education, and Family and Consumer Education for Secondary Education. This recommendation will be forwarded to the VPAA.

3. Other considerations: Saturday Classes. Intro to Business is fully enrolled for this semester and two are being considered for the Spring. Pete discussed the possibility of developing a Printing Technology program for college credit leading to the AA. He also mentioned the possibility of offering courses once again for area bank employees.

The next meeting will be Wednesday, October 12, 1998, at 3:15 PM.

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