Enrollment Management Committee Minutes

Enrollment Management Committee Minutes
October 14, 1998

PRESENT: Starliper, Benedict, Checkovich, Cameron, Carter, Sturm and Van Metre

The meeting was called to order by Dan Starliper.

Moved by Pete Checkovich, with a second to approve the minutes from the September meeting. Motion carried.

Pete Checkovich stated:
1. The Community Technical College will visit the high schools for recruitment of high school students. The schools will be visited by college administration first to iron out any problems, Then the faculty will visit in the next phase.

2. 6 hours of credit will get 250 x 6 = 1500 hours/15 (100 FTE) He feels we should be able to pull 250 students from the high schools.

3. Freshman orientation would be a good course to adapt for high school students.

4. Discussion of the situation at South Branch. Most of the courses are taught by video tape.

5. Since the community college is attached to a 4 year institution the community college needs to be marketed. It is not being marketed enough.

6. Admission requirements for transfer students or students on probation is close to other 6 schools. Might need some improvement. Could use limited probationary to certain number of hours and show a certain GPA after x amount of time. Academic Recovery Program states how we deal with West Virginia residence only.

7. We need to deal with our reputation with guidance counselors at local schools.

8. Offer credits at high schools for $38 a credit (based on least expensive offered state wide.) Pete is working on this. It would be for high school students only.

9. English problem with Potomac State offering and English class. They do not require an entrance exam. We do. Students taking that class are getting dual credit-high school and college.

10. There is concern over the issue that we are a top notch school but have open enrollment.

11. The Tech Prep program needs to hire someone. It is a full time position paying around $20,000

12. The following classes Family and Consumer Sciences, Family and Consumer Education and Business Education were approved by Mark Sterns office to be included in the Academic Common Market. It needs to be approved now by upper management.

Van Metre stated:
1. Approximately 4075 students enrolled. Head count is up but FTE is down. Revenue is close to even.

2. There is a college fair at the Butcher Center October 14th and 15th. Pete will sent fliers concerning the Community College. Dow stated that the art department can not produce fliers any more because of the cut back in funding.

Sturm stated:
1. Libby presented a financial aid update in a memo.

2. The staff will be training on Thursday and Friday of this week. The office will be closed.

3. A new brochure will be going out concerning financial aid.

4. Members presented stated that complaints have not been heard about the financial aid office this year.

Carter presented:
1. The faculty advisement plan was submitted to the president and vice president of academic affairs. It has been discussed but no final decisions made. Academic advisement goals were stated in this memo. The first item to deal with would be an academic advisement handbook in simple language. Some of the things included in the handbook should be a) the academic policies that advisors need to know b) financial aid c) each department would show a suggested sequence of courses for all semesters. Then training program showing videos of case studies of adviser and advisee.

2. Charles has been to several workshops and has excellent training. He has resources that show any issue for advisement.

3. All faculty need training. Discussion followed as to how to make sure faculty go to the training. Proposal to improve academic advisement is to see it as an extension to teaching. Must be contractual. Every faculty must realize this is part of their duties. Legally we have responsibilities. Faculty must be protected from legal liability.

4. Every meeting with a student needs to be documented and folders should be kept on each student. This folder should be passed on to another advisor when a student changes field of study.

5. The title director of academic advisor should be taken out of the handbook next to Dr. Seiler's name since he is not a director for academic advisement.

6. Dow stated there are too many students in certain departments with very few faculty to advise the students.

Next meeting December 9th.

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