Enrollment Management Committee Minutes

Enrollment Management Committee Minutes
October 16, 1997

Members Present: Mrs. Van Metre, Dr. Starliper, Dr. Dwyer, Dr. Carter, Rev. Lyles, Dr. Coy, Ms. Miller, Ms. Castle, Mr. Rudolf, Dr. Seiler, Prof. Cameron.

1. Ethel Cameron is replacing Dr. Rochefort on the EMC.

2. Dr. Dunlop thanked the EMC for its service over the last two years. He discussed broadening the scope of strategic planning to include enrollment management. He discussed a physical consolidation of Admissions, Registrar, Financial Aid, and possibly Student Affairs into a central location to provide students with "one stop shopping."

3. Enrollment up-date for Fiscal Year 97. The Registrar's Office provided a fall enrollment status reporting showing FTE up 192, head count up 135 and minority student enrollment up 58 heads. Mrs. Van Metre noted that the sizable increase in new students and transfers in January contributed to the large increase in "continuing students."

Dr. Seiler wants to discuss "re-admits" at the next meeting. Rev. Lyles would like to see the cost of educating a student at Shepherd.

4. Dr. Coy led a discussion of departmental recruiting. He feels that every department should have a Web page and keep it current. There should be a direct link between the College Web page and the department Web page. Departments and administrative units should share information regarding recruitment.

5. There was a general discussion of Saturday classes and off-site classes. This topic will be on a future agenda.

6. Danette Miller discussed some concerns regarding BANNER changes that impact January registration for add-drop and late registration.

Next meeting: November 13 @ 3:15 in the Blue-Gray Room.

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