Enrollment Management Committee Minutes

Enrollment Management Committee Minutes
March 20, 1998

Members Present: Dr. Carter, Dr. Starliper, Mr. Bradford-Doleman, Mr. Wolf, Dr. Seiler, Mrs. Sturm, Mr. Rudolf, Prof. Benedict, Rev. Lyles, Dr. Dwyer, Mr. Dowdy, Prof. Cameron

1. Enrollment Update- Mr. Wolf feels that admissions are constant with last year. He is still concerned about funding for part-time help for transfer students and travel funds.

2. Financial Aid Update- Mrs. Sturm noted that Danette Miller had resigned. The FAO has advertised one office position and another position is being studied. She hopes freshmen award letters will start to go out by April 1, and be completed by mid-May.

3. Advisement Subcommittee- Dr. Carter submitted a subcommittee report recommending an application deadline for admission to the College. The Committee MSP this recommendation. The recommendation will be sent to Admissions & Credits and to Dr. Stern.

4. Minority Retention- Mr. Bradford-Doleman noted that minority student enrollment has been increasing at Shepherd. He feels the Minority Student Recruitment Plan is working and he endorses the continued use of radio ads in Washington. April 29 will be minority recruitment day.

5. Retention- The Committee will review the previous studies done on campus regarding retention and react to these studies at the April meeting.

Next meeting will be April 21, l998, at 3:15 p.m. in the Cumberland Room.


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