Enrollment Management Committee Minutes

Enrollment Management Committee Minutes
January 29, 1998

Members Present: Karl Wolf, Howard Seiler, Sandi VanMetre, Dan Starliper, Norris Rath, John Schultz, Pat Dwyer, Ethel Cameron, Haydon Rudolf, Farrell Coy, Dow Benedict, Charles Carter, Larry Dowdy, Pete Checkovich

1. Spring 98 Update: Registrar's Office feels head count and FTE will be up slightly for Spring 98, but all enrollment is not in the system.

2. Admissions Update: Karl Wolf said 470 freshmen have been admitted which seems to be similar to last year. Sandi was just starting to process Fall transfer students. There is still concern over where the funding of the part-time help for Sandi is coming from. Karl noted that Pennsylvania is actively recruiting out-of-state students by lowering tuition. Karl also wanted an explanation of why the application fee could not be carried over from fiscal year to fiscal year.

3. Freshman Seminar: The EMC feels that "at this time" the Freshman Seminar is not possible.

4. New Business: Dr. Coy would like a further investigation done on Common Market students to see if they are helping finacially or hurting.

Dr. Dwyer woul like to discuss several scholarship issues with the new director of financial aid at the February meeting. She would like to see a March 1 award date and applicants should hear within one month of applying.

Professor Cameron asked if one day at the end of telephone registration could be devoted to add/drop.

Next meeting: February 24 @ 3:15 in the Blue-Gray Room.

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