Enrollment Management Committee Minutes

Enrollment Management Committee Minutes
February 16, 1999

1. Approval of minutes from two previous meetings.

2. Karl Wolf reported a 2.6% increase in new student enrollment for Spring, 1999 compared to Spring, 1998. He also reported 802 admits for Fall 1999, which represents 60% of applications received and in the system.

Karl reported growing concern about transfer targets because of activity in the Hagerstown area and the new educational facility being planned there.

3. Headcount comparison figures for this year and last were handed out.

4. Dan Starliper suggested that we look at commencement numbers for this year to see if we can expect in returning students for next fall.

5. Charles indicated that summer program numbers are remarkably consistent over the last several years, and he does not expect those numbers to increase significantly.

6. Ethel Cameron reported that we are in the process of setting up two sections of ACFN math at Rumsey for Fall, 1999.

7. Howard Seiler reported on his activity in offering college classes to the local high schools. We are working with Jefferson Co. to set up ACFN course for summer and history course for fall.

Howard has an appointment to meet with Hedgesville officials and is trying to get an appointment with Mussleman officials. Howard will report further progress at our next meeting.

8. There was general discussion about the need to explore other ways of offering English to local high schools. We are in a non-competitive position with regard to WVU's requirements related to testing and placement of students in classes.

9. Dan inquired about progress on the Printing Program, AA degree on Saturday, City Hospital and City Library classes. There are plans to offer two classes on Saturday that will count toward an associate's degree in business, the printing program with Quad will start in the next month. It is too early to determine any classes at the hospital.

10. Charles Carter reported that for the first time there will be an advisement section in the catalog. Charles also reported that he will be plugging into the graduation survey, implementing a freshman survey concerning advisement, and evaluating two departments each spring.

11. Karl Wolf asked for the enrollment management committee's approval of the current procedure for ACFN referrals from admissions to students with low GPA or test scores. No action taken by the committee.

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