Enrollment Management Committee Minutes

Enrollment Management Committee Minutes
December 9, 1998

Present: Dow Benedict, Ethel Cameron, Charles Carter, Pete Checkovich, Ernest Lyles, Dan Starliper, Libby Sturm, and Karl Wolf

I. Approval of the Minutes of the October 14 was deferred.

II. Spring 1999 Enrollment Update
A. Reporting from the Registrar's Office, Dan Starliper provided comparative enrollment figures for Spring 1998 (Headcount 2680, FTE 2375) and expected figures for Spring 1999 (Headcount 2745, FTE 2411). We take the increases as a positive sign that we are more than holding our own in a very competitive market.
B. Karl Wolf reported that 286 new students have been admitted for the Spring 99 Semester, which is precisely the number of degree-seeking students who had registered one year ago for the Spring 1998 Semester.

III. High School Classes
A. Karl Wolf led a discussion of some of the recent problems Shepherd has experienced in its outreach programs and in its loss of classes in local high schools.
B. Pete Checkovich reported that, despite those losses, Shepherd is currently offering classes at Berkeley Springs High School, and that the President is currently negotiating with Manny Arvon, Superintendent of Berkely County School, and has a fuller and more accurate appreciation of the problems involved with Shepherd's loss of contacts and classes. The Committee strongly encouraged Dr. Checkovich to actively pursue reinstating classes in Jefferson County high schools. Dr. Checkovich also announced that he is working with Quad Graphics on the possibility of establishing an AAS in Technical Studies (Printing Technology) and said that the printing industy seems a promising source of new students for Shepherd.

IV. Faculty Advisement
Dr. Carter reported that the Committee on Academic Advisement is making substantial progress in its plans to produce a Faculty Advisor's Handbook. Three subcommittees have been formed--one of Academic Policies, Procedures, and Forms; one on Degree Program Course Sequences; and one on Frequently Asked Advising Questions and Campus Referral Sources--and each has been given the task of producing individual sections of the planned Handbook.

V. Other Business
Libby Sturm reported that her office will be presenting Financial Aid Nights in most of the high schools in Jefferson, Berkeley, and Morgan Counties. Some $4,700,000 in financial aid is ready to be dispursed to some 1475 students by mid March, if current problems with computer programs can be solved. Solutions are expected to be found, and the mid-March deadline is expected to be met.

The next meeting of the Committee will be TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 16, 3:15 PM, location to be announced. There being no further business to come before the Committee, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted,
Charles Carter,
Secretary for the Day

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