Curriculum and Instruction
Committee Minutes

September 11, 2000

In Attendance:
Chair (non-voting)
Dr. Kevin Williams
Division of Arts and Humanities
Dr. Charles Carter
Dr. Sylvia Shurbutt
Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Dr. Jason Best
Dr. David Wing
Division of Education and Professional Studies
Dr. Douglas Kennard
Ex-Officio (non-voting members)
Dr. David Eldridge
Dr. Howard Seiler
Mr. Karl Wolf

1. MSP to accept the May 8, 2000 minutes.
Accepted and approved.

2. Discussions
Membership - The list of current members will be updated and term dates will be added.

Catalog Revisions Division Chairs and Department Chairs will be reminded of due dates by Dr. Williams. A special C & I meeting will be scheduled for January 2001 to discuss all revisions.

Assessment Guidelines need to be developed. Dr. Patricia Dwyer has offered her assistance to the committee.

C& I Meeting Guidelines Discussions will be cut short. Proposals or actions that C & I cannot act on will be forwarded, in written form, to the proper organization.

3. MSP to adjourn the meeting at 4:00 p.m.
Accepted and approved.

Respectfully submitted,

Donna Semler
Registrar's Office

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