Curriculum and Instruction
Committee Minutes

November 10, 1997

Voting Members Present: Kevin Williams (Chair), Sylvia Shurbutt, Anders Henriksson, Francoise Nelles, Tom Jack, Ed Fincham, Patricia Stealey, Denny Shirf

Non-Voting Member Present: David Eldridge, Charles Carter

Members Not Present: Pat Dwyer, Howard Seiler, Mark Stern, Karl Wolf

The meeting was called to order by Chair, Kevin Williams at 3:10 pm.

1. Approval of May 12, 1997 minutes was accepted.

2. Approval of October 13, 1997 minutes was accepted.

3. Introduction of new members was read by Chair, Kevin Williams.

4. Interdisciplinary Studies & Procedure 23 was moved to the next meeting. Dr. Mark Stern to address the committee.

5. Global Horizons was moved to the next meeting. Dr. Robert Willgoos to address the committee.

6. NCATE - The next meeting is slated for November 17, 1997 at 3:10 pm in the Cumberland Room.

7. Comprehensive Majors - Dr. Eldridge addressed the committee with his concerns regarding the Required 45 hours of upper division credits. He suggested the current form be adjusted.

8. General Studies - Informational only at this time.

9. Final reading:

a. Engineering 101 was voted on and passed to change the name from Introduction to Engineering Design to Engineering I and changed the course description to read as follow: Developing engineering design and problem solving techniques including group projects, basic engineering design concepts, basic computer aided design (CAD) including practical engineering drawings, time management including learning and study skills, professional and ethical responsibilities, technical library and Internet research, word processing and spread-sheet programming.

b. Engineering 102 was voted on and passed to change the name from Engineering Computer Applications to Engneering II and changed the course description to read as follow: Computer aided engineering (CAE), introduction to computing environment, basic computing concept and structured programming processes including algorithms, pseudo code, editing and debugging through the use of FORTRAN and C programming languages, introduction to numerical analysis, graphical representations, mathematical packages.

c. Engineering Minor changes was approved by the Division. Three deletions: The requirements of ENGR 222, the laboratory hour in electrical engineering; and CHEM 207-210, both General Chemistry courses and labs. Only ENGR 242 is required. The total hours required for the minor is reduced from 46-48 to 27.

d. Engineering Transfer Program was voted and passed.

10. Second Reading:

a. Biology 415 was approved to change from 1-3 credit hours to 3-6 credit hours.

b. Discussion of the CIS minor was moved to the next meeting. The question to be brought to the committee; whether to change the minor to allow courses numbered 200 and above, rather than 300 and above, to count for electives in the CIS minor, given that this will create a problem with respect to the 45-hour graduation requirement.

11. New Business: Proposed Course Additions - Ed Fincham

a. GSPE 111 Aerobic Boxing/Coed 1 Cr. Hr.

b. GSPE 117 East Coast Swing Dance/Men 1 Cr. Hr.

c. GSPE 118 East Coast Swing Dance/Women 1 Cr. Hr.

d. GSPE 131 Ice Skating 1 Cr. Hr.

e. GSPE 132 Ice Hockey 1 Cr. Hr.

f. GSPE 205 The Weight Loss Program 1 Cr. Hr.

12. The Curriculum and Instruction Committee meeting was adjourned by Chair, Kevin Williams at 3:45 pm.

Submitted by,

Lashan Holmes

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