Curriculum and Instruction
Committee Minutes

February 14, 2000

In Attendance:
Chair (non-voting)
Dr. Roland Bergman

Division of Business and Social Sciences
Dr. Katharine Snyder
Dr. Mary Walker

Division of Arts and Humanities
Dr. Charles Carter
Dr. Sylvia Shurbutt

Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Dr. John Landolt
Dr. Jason Best

Division of Education and Professional Studies
Mr. Ed Fincham
Dr. Douglas Kennard

Ex-Officio (non-voting member)
Dr. David Eldridge
Mr. Karl Wolf

Dr. V. J. Benokraitis
Ms. Anna DeVito
Mr. R. Allen Dulaney
Ms. Hannah Geffert
Dr. Michael Jacobs
Dr. Bruce Kelley
Dr. Suda Kunyosying
Dr. Peter Morris
Dr. Edward Snyder
Dr. Peter Vila

1. Motion was made to accept the November 8, 1999 minutes. Accepted and passed.

2. Motion was made to accept the May 10, 1999 minutes. Accepted and passed

3. Second Readings

Environmental Studies
Motion was made to accept the program changes as well as the course changes, additions, and deletions on the 2nd reading. Accepted and passed.

Changes in subject code:
APSC 301 Wildlife Management to ENVS 301
APSC 302 Forestry to ENVS 302

Changes in title:
ENVS 305 Environmental Law to Environmental Law and Regulation
ENVS 401 Concepts of Ecology to Conservation Ecology
Changes in Credit Hours:
ENVS 306 Environmental Policy from 3 to 4 hours
ENVS 450 Environmental Internship from 6 to 3-6 (maximum of 6 hours)
ENVS 490 Applied Remote Sensing & Lab from 3 to 4

ENVS 320 Communication Strategies ENVS (3)
ENVS 322 Environmental History (3)
ENVS 340 Sustainable Agriculture (4)
ENVS 341 Sustainable Energy and Development (4)
ENVS 360 Sedimentology & Stratigraphy (4)
ENVS 362 Soil Science and Lab (4)
ENVS 422 Aquatic Ecology and Lab (4)
GSCI 307 Oceanography Laboratory (1)
GSCI 312 Historical Geology (4)

Business and Social Sciences
Motion was made to table discussion of the Business Education 5-12 teaching specialization until the next meeting

4. First Readings

Information regarding changes was distributed for review. Proposed course additions:
MUAP 339 Harpsichord (1)
MUAP 358 Improvisation (1)
MUEN 378 Orchestra (1)
MUSC 332 Brass Repertoire (1)
MUSC 333 Woodwind Repertoire (1)
Proposed course change:
MUAP 497 Senior Music Activities from (1) to (0.5-1.0)

English a. Information regarding changes was distributed for review.
b. Motion was made to accept these changes on the first reading. Accepted and passed.
Change in Title:
ENGL 480 Practicum in Writing Center to Lead Tutor Practicum
Course Addition:
ENGL 481 Student Tutor Practicum in Writing Center (1)

a. Information regarding changes was distributed for review.
b. Motion was made to accept two specialization programs and the PHED & GSPE course changes on the first reading.
Accepted and passed.

New Programs:
Physical Education K-12 Teaching Specialization
Health Education 5-12 Teaching Specialization

Course Deletions:
GSPE 101 Adapted PE II

Course Change:
GSPE 100 Adapted PE I can be repeated once
Changes in Credit Hours:
RECR 342 Administration of Intramurals from (2) to (3)
PHED 380 Perceptual Motor Learning from (2) to (3)
PHED 410 Tests and Measurements in Physical Education from (2) to (3)
Change in Numbering:
ATHC 324 Care and Prevention of Injuries from ATHC 224
RECR 225 Sports Appreciation to RECR 325

Community and Technical College

Emergency Medical Services
Information regarding changes was distributed for review only regarding a new associate of science degree in Emergency Medical Services.

Information was also distributed for review regarding changes in the Emergency Medical Services minor. The changes reflect changes in the subject code for EMS courses from SAFT to EMSP.

Courses Added:
EMSP 101 Introduction to EMS (2)
EMSP 102 EMT-Basic (5) [old SAFT 250]
EMSP 103 EMS Operations (2)
EMSP 104 EMS Practicum I (1) [old SAFT 271]
EMSP 201 Airway Management and Advanced Patient Assessment (2)
EMSP 202 Pathophysiology and Shock Trauma Resuscitation (2)
EMSP 203 Pre-hospital Pharmacology & Medical Terminology (2)
EMSP 204 EMS Practicum II (2) [old SAFT 273]
EMSP 205 Medical Emergencies I (4)
EMSP 206 EMS Practicum III (2)
EMSP 207 Medical Emergencies II (4)
EMSP 208 Special Patients and Situations (2)
EMSP 209 EMS Practicum IV (2)
EMSP 210 Assessment Based Management (1)
EMSP 211 Field Research & Evaluation (2)
EMSP 290 Special Topics (1-4)

Courses Deleted:
SAFT 270 EMT-Paramedic I
SAFT 271 EMT-P Practicum I
SAFT 272 EMT-P Paramedic II
SAFT 273 EMT-P Practicum II
SAFT 274 EMT Field Internship
SAFT 275 Issue in EMS

a. Information regarding changes was distributed for review. Proposed Additional Course:
ACCT 337 Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (1)

b. Motion was made to accept these changes on the first reading. Motion did not pass and was tabled until the next meeting.

5. The question of accepting credits for courses covered under The National Guide (administered by ACE) was introduced. It was decided that this issue should be brought before the Admissions and Credits Committee.

6. Motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 4:55 p.m. Accepted and passed.

Respectfully submitted,

Donna Semler
Registrar's Office

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