Curriculum and Instruction
Committee Minutes

December 8, 1997

Voting Members Present: Kevin Williams (Chair), Sylvia Shurbutt, Anders Henriksson, Francoise Nelles, Tom Jack, Ed Fincham, Patricia Stealey, Denny Shirf.

Non-Voting Member Present: David Eldridge, Charles Carter, Karl Wolf, Patricia Dwyer, Howard Seiler

Members Not Present: Mark Stern

Special Guest: Ben Benokraitis

The meeting was called to order by Chair Kevin Williams at 3:10 pm.

1. The minutes for November 10, 1997 were approved with correction.

2. All of the following GSPE Courses was approved:

a. GSPE 111 Aerobic Boxing/Coed 1 Cr. Hr.

b. GSPE 117 East Coast Swing Dance/Men 1 Cr. Hr.

c. GSPE 118 East Coast Swing Dance/Women 1 Cr. Hr.

d. GSPE 131 Ice Skating 1 Cr. Hr.

e. GSPE 132 Ice Hockey 1 Cr. Hr.

f. GSPE 205 The Weight Loss Program 1 Cr. Hr.

3. A motion was presented to change the statement on page 90 of the 97-99 Shepherd College Catalog under Curriculum for a Minor in Computer and Information Sciences from "CIS 300 and above" to read "CIS 200 and above". The motion was moved, seconded, and passed.

4. Interdisciplinary Studies & Procedure 23 was moved to the next meeting. Dr. Mark Stern to address the committee.

5. Comprehensive Majors - 45 hours of upper division credits. The question was introduced as to where the note from this campus came from. Dr. Williams volunteered to determine where the origin of the 45-hour upper division credits hours originated.

6. Dr. Eldridge passed out 2 Curriculum and Instruction Committee Forms. The first was a proposed program change and the second was a proposed course change. A line was added to the program change form to check on the number of upper division courses required. A phrase in the course change form was changed from "Reviewed by Division On (date)" to "Division Approved Proposal On (date)".

7. The next meeting of the Curriculum and Instruction Committee will be held in February.

8. Dr. Willgoos presented a report on the Global Horizons with the information that there was a Web page for Global Horizons .

The Curriculum and Instruction Committee meeting was adjourned by Chair, Kevin Williams at 3:50 p.m.

Submitted by,

Dr. David C. Eldridge

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