Curriculum and Instruction
Committee Minutes

December 10, 2001

In Attendance:
Chair (non-voting)
Dr. Joyce Webb
Division of Arts and Humanities
Dr. Charles Carter (2003)
Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Dr Jason Best (2002)
Division of Business and Social Sciences
Dr. Mary Walker (2002)
Division of Education and Professional Studies
Mr. Andro Barnett (2003)
Dr. Douglas Kennard (2002)
Dr. David Eldridge
Ms. Ann Henriksson
Dr. Howard Seiler
Mr. Karl Wolf
Mr. Ed Fincham
Dr. Jerry Thomas

1. M/S/P to accept the November 12, 2001 minutes. Accepted and approved.

2. Second Readings

M/S/P to accept Course Additions and Changes on the 2nd Reading.
Accepted and approved.

Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Sport
M/S/P to accept Course Additions and Deletions on the 2nd Reading.
Accepted and approved.

3. First Readings

Information regarding Program Changes and Course Additions was distributed for review.

Program Changes
Option to choose from three second-semester writing courses: ENGL 102, 103 or 104
Allow English majors and/or minors to take either ENGL 208 or 209

Course Additions
ENGL 103 Writing for Social Sciences (3)
ENGL 104 Science and Tech Writing (3)

4. Meeting was adjourned at 3:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Donna Semler
Registrar's Office

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