Curriculum and Instruction
Committee Minutes

April 8, 2002
Meeting of the C & I Committee
3:10 p.m., White Hall, Room 304

In Attendance:
Chair (non-voting)
In the absence of the chair, Dr. Charles Carter, senior member of the C & I Committee, was asked to act as chair.
Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Dr. David Wing (2002)
Dr. Jason Best (2002)
Division of Business and Social Sciences
Dr. Katherine Snyder (2002)
Division of Arts and Humanities
Dr. Charles Carter (2003)
Dr. Sylvia Shurbutt (2003)
Division of Education and Professional Studies
Mr. Andro Barnett (2003)
Dr. David Eldridge
Ms. Ann Henriksson
Mr. Karl Wolf
Dr. Mark Stern
Dr. Laura Renninger

1. M/S/P to accept the February 11, 2002 minutes. Accepted and approved.

2. New Business

General Studies Committee
Dr. Sylvia Shurbutt distributed a brochure, assessment report and handouts to the committee for review.

Minors - Memorandum from Dr. David C. Eldridge
There are several minors that are not currently housed by a department. They are; Emergency Medical Services, Fire Science, Office Technology, Safety Technology and Women's Studies.

Office Technology might be housed under the Business Education program.

M/S/P to charge Women's Studies to recommend what department their minor should be housed under. Accepted and approved.

Dr. Mark Stern feels the faculty should control the curriculum. Community College needs to be aware of all possible changes. He recommends that Dr. Peter Checkovich, Ms. Hannah Geffert and Ms. Rebecca Moore be invited to attend the next scheduled C & I meeting.

M/S/P to table the motion until the next meeting, and to charge the chair to invite representatives from the Community College and Mr. Daniel DePalma, Business Administration department, to attend the meeting to make recommendations.

3. First Readings

Information regarding Course Changes was distributed for review

Course Changes
MUSC 205 Music Theory IV (3) change to 2 credit hours
MUSC 303 Forms and Analysis (2) change to 3 credit hours

M/S/P to accept Course Changes on the 1st reading. Accepted and approved.

4. Meeting was adjourned at 3:55 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Donna Semler
Registrar's Office

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