Commencement Committee Minutes

February 18, 1998

Members Present: Dr. David Eldridge (Chair), Mrs. Lashan Holmes, Mrs. Mary Keesecker, Dr. Burt Lidgerding, Ms. Valerie Owens, Dr. Steve Phillips, Mrs. Agnes Tabler, Mr. J.W. Thatcher, Ms. Elizabeth Adkins, Mr. Joshua Aversa, and Mr. Aaron Sechler

Members Absent: Ms. Hannah Geffert, Dr. Mark Stern

Guest: Mr. Grover Boyer

The meeting was called to order by Dr. Eldridge at 3:10 pm in the Potomac Room.

1. A critique of last year's commencement was discussed and suggestions for this year's ceremony were proposed.

  • Alan Perdue and Mary Keesecker will assist the platform party in robing. Harry Young will also be asked to help robe the platform party.

  • Seating in the handicap section will be spaced so that wheelchairs can move in aisles and those on crutches can navigate the rows. More seating was requested.

  • Marshals will be instructed specifically on their locations during the ceremony.

  • A faculty member who wishes to give a relative the diploma, will be taken up the steps.

  • Burt Lidgerding was named Crowd Control Coordinator. He will work with Grover Boyer.

  • David Eldridge will work with Mark McCoy about music and the Brass Ensemble.

  • Lashan Holmes will order the flowers.

2. There was a request for more chairs on the top floor. Dave Grove was contacted and he responded that the problem is not a lack of chairs, but a useful means of placing them. Adding rows will not help as those in the back rows will not be able to see the ceremony.

3. The question of ticketed seating was reviewed and not pursued. There is a serious difficulty in collecting tickets and late arrivals with tickets could probably not obtain seats anyway.

4. A warning about traffic being closed off in Sharpsburg on Commencement day will be needed. Grover Boyer will determine the time when traffic will be cut off.

5. Not addressed but of concern is the sound system.

6. The next meeting will be some time after Spring Break.

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