Classified Employee Council Minutes

April 17, 2003

Tim Haines, Classified Council Chair, welcomed everyone and called the annual meeting to order. He thanked the administrators and faculty for attending today's luncheon/meeting. He especially thanked Dr. Dunlop for making the college more efficient without cutting programs and staff. Tim stated that the Council has had a couple of setbacks this year with the budget cuts imposed by the governor and the passage of H.B. 2224 mandating changes in the makeup of our Classified Council. One positive achievement this year is the salary policy that the Council recommended to the Board of Governors regarding classified employees receiving raises equal to that of faculty and nonclassified employees. Tim then introduced Dr. David Dunlop, President of Shepherd College.

Dr. Dunlop greeted the classified employees and thanked them for not complaining to our students about the budget cuts. He stated that we are doing everything on campus to preserve people and programs. Shepherd College is one of the fastest growing colleges in West Virginia, and we need to convince the governor and the legislature that we cannot continue to cut the budgets of West Virginia's colleges and universities. We still do not know how much we can raise our tuition and fees for next year, but most of the students that he has talked with would rather pay more to maintain a quality education. He mentioned the following good news items: (1) the library renovation is on schedule and moving ahead; (2) they are a month ahead of schedule on the field house; (3) the Frank Center addition is progressing and when finished will look as if that building has two front entrances; (4) bids have come in and are on target for the new parking lot behind West Woods which will create approximately 430 new parking spaces; and (5) Dr. Kipetz and the Student Affairs staff have been working on plans for a new apartment-style residence hall. Dr. Dunlop thanked the classified staff for the niche that they fill at Shepherd College.

Dr. Dunlop and Tim Haines recognized those employees who have worked at Shepherd 20+ years:
Henrietta Eby - 30 years
Marsha Branch - 25 years
Nancy Roesel - 20 years
Veronica Scott - 20 years

ACCE (Advisory Council of Classified Employees)
Tim Haines reported that we did not have an ACCE representative this past year, therefore we were at a disadvantage regarding what was actually happening at the monthly Advisory Council of Classified Employee meetings. If there is anyone who would like to be our ACCE representative this coming year, please have someone nominate you.

Shepherd College Board of Governors
Dan Starliper reported that he attended every Board meeting this past year. He submitted a report of these meetings to the Classified Employees Council, and each report was attached to the monthly Council minutes. Over the past two years he has tried to educate the Board as to who classified employees are and what they do. One big accomplishment has been the classified employee pay policy that was devised by a sub-committee of classified employees, approved by the Classified Employees Council, and submitted to the Board of Governors for its acceptance. This policy highlighted the following: (1) no merit pay until the pay matrix is fully funded; (2) the president would create a general campus-wide pool of money for legislative-mandated pay raises; and (3) parity among faculty, classified staff, and nonclassified staff pay raises.

Staff Development
Nancy Roesel thanked her committee members: Gail Bedwell, Steve Parrotte, Pat Sherwood, Dan Starliper, and Karl Wolf for all their help this past year. Classified employees were allocated $19,612 for staff development with the majority of the money used for course/tuition fees, conferences/seminars, and their related travel expenses. There were fifty-six requests this year with individual requests down almost 50% than at the same time last year. She encouraged all classified employees to use the staff development fund to help pay for training opportunities. She also reminded everyone that part-time regular staff could apply for staff development money if they have been employed at Shepherd for at least six months.

Scholarship Committee
Peg Swisher reported that as of April 2003 the scholarship fund has $40,572.99. Money was raised through the annual bulk mailing, direct donations, payroll deductions (33 people now contributing), and McKen's. Seven scholarships were awarded this past year totaling $5,500, and they hope to award up to $5,500 again this coming year. In the past ten years, thirty-seven scholarships have been awarded totaling $26,353. They currently have fifteen applications for this coming year. Peg thanked everyone for their contributions through payroll deduction, especially the sixteen faculty and nonclassified employees who participate. She also recognized and thanked the members of the Scholarship Committee: Krisy Bell, Carol Boyd, Susan Franklin, Ken Harbaugh, Joy Phillips, and Libby Shanton.

Shepherd College Foundation
Melinda Landolt brought greetings from the officers, directors, and staff of the Foundation to the classified employees and their Council and congratulated them on the continued success in expanding the Classified Employees' Scholarship Fund. She reported the following:
Assets of the Foundation stand at just under $18 million.
Scholarship and other program support given to the College for the current academic year total almost $800,000. The decline of the stock market has taken quite a toll on our investment income, but our investment committee has worked diligently to protect the endowment by limiting our exposure to losses while maximizing income.
The Ken Boone Field House is well on its way to completion, and the Foundation was honored to raise $500,000 in donations and pledges to help make this building possible. Thank you to all the classified staff who contributed to this fundraising project.
The engraved library bricks will be in place this summer, and they will accept brick orders for the next week or so. After that time, you will have to wait until the next campaign that will occur in a few years.
The "Campaign for Shepherd" fundraising program was put into place in January 2000 and has raised $2.45 million in donations and pledges since its inception.
The Foundation recognized the many roles the classified employees play in the College's fundraising efforts and thanked them for their loyal efforts to support Shepherd College and its Foundation.

Classified Employees' Revised Constitution
Tim Haines explained that the Classified Employees Council Constitution was given to our Constitution Revision Committee to review and amend to include changes MANDATED by H.B. 2224. A copy of this Revised Shepherd College Classified Employees Council Constitution was sent to all classified employees for their review. Major revisions have been required which include the merger of categories 6 and 7 (which means less representation for those two categories), the separate election of a chair, the election of an ex-officio, non-voting Board of Governors' representative, and the removal of term limitations. These changes were not supported by our Council. With these in mind, Tim asked for a motion to suspend Article 10 of the CEC Constitution. It was M/S/P that Article 10 of the Classified Employees Council Constitution be suspended for the purpose of introducing a change to the proposed Constitution. He then asked for a motion to remove the phrase "a non-voting member" from the CEC Constitution. It was M/S/P that the phrase, "a non-voting member," be removed from Article III.A.1 of the Classified Employees Council Constitution. Tim then asked for acceptance of the proposed CEC Constitution. It was M/S/P that we accept the proposed Classified Employees Council Constitution.

Nominations for Elections
Dan Starliper proceeded with nominations for the ACCE representative, the Classified Employees Council chair, the Board of Governors' representative, and the various Council categories. The following nominees will be voted on from ballots forthcoming from the Office of Human Resources, and the results will be printed in the May Council minutes:
ACCE Representative: Ken Harbaugh, Kenetta Pierce
Chair, Classified Employees Council: Tim Haines, Anna Mary Walsh
Board of Governors' Representative: Dan Starliper
Category 1: Grover Boyer, Brian Hammond, Karl Wolf
Category 3: Tim Haines, Tim Intravia, Stephny Lietuvnikas, Joy Phillips, Agnes Tabler
Category 4: Krisy Bell, Sherry Clem, Sara Maene, Patt Welsh
Category 5: Cheryl Layton, Nancy Roesel, Margaret Swinston-Rivera, Peg Swisher
Category 6/7: David Cage, Geraldine Hammond, Patricia Schoppert, Deneatta Williams

Anna Mary thanked Tim Haines for all his work and efforts as Council chair for the past year.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Brenda J. Feltner
Classified Employees Council Secretary

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