Classified Employee Council Minutes

October 13, 1998

Members Present: Marcia Hanifan, Ken Harbaugh, Robert Jenkins, Cheryl Layton, Johnette Jackson, Johnny Myers, Alan Perdue (guest), Dan Starliper, Agnes Tabler, Sally Urban, Karen Wempe, Stacy Wright (alternate), Harry Young

Dan Starliper called the meeting of the Council to order.

Alan Perdue: Several different issues were discussed with Alan Perdue including: recycling, trash bags for residence hall students, the stadium project, status of new dining hall, hiring of a safety manager, and fire exits for various offices.

Stadium project: An architect has been selected. The project will expand seating, provide flush toilets, new concession area, and new locker rooms separate from Sara Cree. The project will involve working with the Corporation of Shepherdstown in replacing the sewer line under the baseball and football fields. The track will probably be eliminated. The stadium timeline is to have seating completed by September of 1999.

Dining hall: The plans for a new dining hall have been set aside. The two new VPs will probably look into it. It is probably more likely that old dining hall will be remodeled.

The minutes of the September 8, 1998 meeting were approved as amended.

CEC intends to develop a list serve and web site. The issue of governance if still being discussed. Please review the following survey and forward (snail mail, e-mail, or phone) your response to one of your Classified Council representatives ASAP.

Classified Employees throughout the College and University Systems are being asked to indicate what form of governance they believe best meets the needs of higher education. Please indicate your preference among the following choices:
1. Two boards (current system)
2. One board
3. Other (please specify)

They will meet again October 20.

no report

The bulk mailing project was successful with 34 volunteers. A total of $849 was raised for the scholarship fund. The Homecoming raffle, headed by Joan Pope, was also a success. There was a $1012 profit with 1211 tickets sold. Debbie Reeder won the raffle. Thank you to all the many people involved with this project. Thirty-two people are involved with the payroll deduction program.

There was a request to try to get release time for the next breakfast. The Parent's Day brunch will be October 24. There will be a Christmas luncheon scheduled.

Old Business:

The visit had very positive feedback. Thank you to the committee for organizing the presentation. February 2nd is College Day at the state legislature.

New Business:

All campus community members are encouraged to use the 21 recycling trashcans on campus for bottles and cans. Waste Management will not remove if other than recycled items are found. They are removed once a week. Currently, the dining hall has no recycling. There was a concern about trash rooms being left open.

The health fair went well. Thank you to the departments who organized this great event. It was questioned whether Manpower employees were given slots before classified employees for flu shots. It was emphasized that part-time classified employees are welcome to take part in this event and all classified events.

Welcomes: Sherry Clem, Maintenance
Stephanie Eannottie, Residence Life Office
Louis Mello, Cafeteria
Dorothy Roman, Bookstore
James Welsh, Computer Center

Farewells: Donna Daugherty
Brenda Eisenhart
Kim Lanager

The next meeting will be Tuesday, November10 @ 9 a.m.

Submitted by,

Sally E. Urban

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