Classified Employee Council Minutes

October 8, 1997

Members Present: Johnette Jackson, Agnes Tabler, Harry Young, Dan Starliper, Robert Jenkins, Paula Scott, Jacqueline Grantham, Paul Allen, Ken Harbaugh, Donna Printz, Karen Wempe, Geraldine Hammond, Anna Mary Walsh, and Marsha Branch. Guest: Christina Lundberg.

Anna Mary Walsh called the meeting to order.

Approval of Minutes
The minutes of the September 10, 1997 meeting were approved as distributed.

ACCE met on September 10th and dealt with the following items: finalized the educational release time policy and Amy Pitzer will present the final draft to the Board of Directors; Paul Martinelli and Harper Grimm from the BOT-ACCE attended to discuss the possibility of having a joint legislative agenda for the upcoming legislative session; and Amy Pitzer reported that the Board of Directors approved a plan that will allow employees to borrow against their TIAA accumulation. The Board of Directors and the Board of Trustees agreed to having a joint legislative agenda for the upcoming legislative session so that there will not be a repetition of this year.

ACCE will endorse the following Board of Trustees goals: increase the experience increment for higher education classified staff from $36 to $50; continue and enhance PEIA; sick leave credit of a deceased state employee toward continued insurance coverage for a surviving spouse and other dependents; continue funding of the Classified Staff Salary Schedule; and Fair and Equal Citizenship Amendment. ACCE supports these goals, but meet with the Board of Trustees to discuss priority order.

Board of Advisors
Scheduled to meet this afternoon. One agenda item is the new science building. Senator Byrd will be on campus for the dedication of the science building.

Scholarship Committee
The bulk mailings completed earlier this semester brought in $1,407 to the Scholarship Fund. The Fund now has a total of between $20,000 and $21,000. This year $2,300 in scholarship money was awarded. With the loss of IITTD money it is imperative that money be raised to continue to support the Scholarship Fund. A raffle for a night at the Bavarian Inn (including dinner and breakfast) is being held now and will continue through Homecoming on October 18. The drawing for the raffle will be during halftime. Anyone wishing to sell or purchase tickets for the raffle should contact Ken Harbaugh (Ext. 5252). Anyone selling tickets was reminded that the money and ticket stubs were to be turned in to Ken by October 17th. Staff was also reminded that it is now possible to contribute to the Scholarship Fund through payroll deduction. Forms were distributed earlier this month. Anyone with questions concerning payroll deduction should contact Ken Harbaugh.

Staff Development
Johnette Jackson thanked Donna Printz, Pat Sherwood, and the nursing students for the great job they did at the Health Fair. There was a good turnout and it is hoped that another Health Fair can be scheduled next year. Johnette stated that a survey will be distributed shortly concerning training for Windows so be on the lookout for this survey. The Staff Development Committee is still talking to maintenance and the dining hall concerning ergonomics.

Strategic Planning Steering Committee
No report. However, Anna Mary Walsh stated that the Strategic Planning Committee will meet this fall. It was MSP that the Classified Council send a response to Dr. Dunlop concerning the Strategic Plan as requested in his memo.

The housekeeping staff thanked Dan Starliper for writing to Jack Castle concerning the hours of the housekeeping staff. The response received was that nothing could be done because the hours which are scheduled are to the benefit of the students and the College.

Women's Caucus
Christina Lundberg was present to represent Women's Caucus. There was discussion concerning advertising vacant positions especially during the summer when The Record is not published. It was felt that there was not sufficient publicity for staff to be aware of vacancies so that they could apply for them. Dan Starliper stated that during this past summer Human Resources sent Vacancy Notices to supervisors to be posted so that staff would be aware of vacancies on campus. It was MSP that the Office of External Affairs would be asked to publish The Record on a monthly basis during the summer. Ken Harbaugh mentioned that concerns of any employee can be brought to their category representative or any member of the Council.

Council went into Executive Session regarding a concern of an employee. The Council officers will take the matter up with President Dunlop.

Anna Mary Walsh welcomed Delegate Doyle to the meeting. Delegate Doyle thanked the Council for the opportunity to address issues concerning Classified Employees and Shepherd College. Delegate Doyle stated that he supported funding the salary schedule and this will be easier with the passage of the amendment to invest in stocks. He stated that in about three years there will be money to fund the salary schedule as it is now and hopefully a more updated one. Dan Starliper stated that everyone appreciated what Delegate Doyle has done for the employees of Shepherd College. Delegate Doyle said that as Vice-Chair of the Finance Committee he would be able to do more for us. Dan Starliper pointed out to Delegate Doyle that state teachers do not have the Rule of 80 but if you are under TIAA the employee must meet years of service to get medical coverage. If state teachers had the Rule of 80 it would solve the problem for classified employees. Delegate Doyle stated that it may be more feasible to pass a modified Rule of 80 in the beginning and work toward the Rule of 80. Harry Young stated that an ACCE concern was raising the annual increment from $36 to $50 for state employees. Delegate Doyle said he talked to the Chair of the Finance Committee and they are aware that something needs to be done to bring all employees to the same level. Delegate Doyle stated that one of the major initiatives for this legislative session will probably be what is going to be done about RAM. Currently $150 million goes to the university system and $70 million goes to the college system. There needs to be an agreement there is a problem with the present system and what a fair solution will be to the problem if one truly exists.

Next Meeting
The next meeting of the Classified Employees Council will be held on Wednesday, November 12th, at 9 a.m. in the Blue-Gray Room.

Respectfully submitted,

Marsha A. Branch
Classified Employee Council Secretary

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