Classified Employee Council Minutes

October 16, 2001

Present: Brenda Feltner, Tim Haines, Geraldine Hammond, Cheryl Layton, Paul Schwan, Paula Scott, Libby Shanton, Dan Starliper, Peg Swisher, and Anna Mary Walsh. Guests: Ken Harbaugh, Alan Perdue, Diane Plum, and Nancy Roesel.

Anna Mary Walsh, chair, called the meeting to order.

It was M/S/P to approve the September 11, 2001, minutes with the following corrections: "Karen Wempe should be listed as being in attendance," and "LOCEA stands for Legislative Oversight Commission on Education Accountability."

Advisory Council of Classified Employees
ACCE met in Morgantown on September 20 with Anna Mary Walsh, Ken Harbaugh, and Brenda Feltner attending. No official ACCE business could occur because there was not a quorum. Chancellor Michael Mullen attended this meeting, so ACCE representatives did have the opportunity to ask him questions.

Board of Governors
Dan Starliper reported on the October 11, 2001, Board of Governors meeting. His report is attached.

Anna Mary asked about the filling of the two vacancies on the Board of Governors. Alan Perdue gave some of the reasons behind why the process is slow in making those appointments.

Buildings and Grounds
No report.

No report.

Scholarship Committee
Peg Swisher reported that they have not met, but that Tess Tomsic has accepted the appointment to serve on this committee.

Shepherd College Foundation
Anna Mary presented Melinda Landolt's report from the Foundation. The Annual Meeting of the Shepherd College Foundation was held September 13, 2001. The net assets as of June 30, 2001, are $15,642,815, which can be compared with the net assets as of June 30, 2000, of $15,928,794. The difference reflects the lower stock market value as of June 30, 2001. Executive Vice President Monica Lingenfelter reported that $638,000 was donated to the Foundation in 2000-2001. The percentage of gifts of $100 and above has increased to 35%. There are twenty-two new endowments. The Foundation plans to give out $772,000 in scholarship and college program support in 2001-2002. The Foundation expects projected income to be lower next year, due to the sluggish stock market and a general financial climate not conducive to giving. Dr. James Moler of the Investment Committee stated that investments are holding their own so far. The Board of Directors meeting convened at the end of the Annual Meeting. The following were elected officers of the Foundation: Jim Davis, President; Bill Knode, Vice President; Sallye Price, Secretary; and Bill Johnson, Treasurer.

Staff Development
Nancy Roesel reminded classified employees about the stress management seminars on Wednesday, October 17, in the morning and the afternoon to be presented by Devora Zack. Nancy reported that $6,262 has been requested from the staff development fund and that $3,490.51 has been approved for payment. An Application for Staff Development Funds is attached to these minutes.

Old Business

New Business
The policy for payment of textbooks for classified employees was discussed. Diane Plum brought before Council that all textbooks should be reimbursed at 100% if the class is beneficial to your Shepherd job. After much discussion, it was M/S/ and unanimously Passed "that Council approves 100% textbook reimbursement for Myra Newbraugh's Institutional Technology classes." It was also M/S/P "that Council reimburse all other textbooks at 50% as per the Staff Development Committeešs current policy."

Anna Mary then requested nominations for an ACCE representative. No one would accept the nomination.

There being no further Council business, the meeting adjourned at 9:50 a.m.

Anna Mary then introduced Alan Perdue, College Counsel, to give his thoughts about the campus:

He is responsible for coordinating the legal affairs of the college as well as giving advice and counsel to President Dunlop, the Shepherd College Board of Governors, and the administration. He also supervises the Human Resources and Public Safety Offices.

A continual Council concern asked of Mr. Perdue was that of classified employees being moved to non-classified positions. He commented that this has had no affect on classified employee salaries. Non-classified employee salary increases have been either at or below faculty mark.

Dealing with the same issue, Council is concerned with taking people from classified to non-classified positions to just increase their salaries. Mr. Perdue assured Council that these are given a tremendous amount of thought and question before they are approved.

Mr. Perdue stated that it might be more beneficial to Shepherd if the salary matrix was removed from state code and an institutional matrix was developed or to have a minimum salary schedule in state code with flexibility.

Ken brought up the issue of a work-at-home policy. Mr. Perdue said that they started developing a work-at-home policy, but it was put on the shelf because of the Policy Commission's Rule-on-Rules not yet approved.

Anna Mary mentioned to Mr. Perdue that the flags on the Knutti Hall flagpole need to be replaced. She contacted Facilities Management, who passed it on to Grover Boyer, since Public Safety is responsible for the flags. He said he was made aware of this matter and it will be handled.

There being no further comments or questions, Anna Mary thanked Mr. Perdue for being our guest at this meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Brenda J. Feltner
Classified Employees' Council Secretary

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