Classified Employee Council Minutes

November 10, 1998

Members Present: Ken Harbaugh, Robert Jenkins, Cheryl Layton, Johnette Jackson, Dan Starliper, Mark Stern (guest), Agnes Tabler, Sally Urban, Karen Wempe, Harry Young

Dan Starliper called the meeting of the Council to order.

Dr. Mark Stern, VPAA Dr. Stern discussed the proposed increased technology fee and the strategic plan. Technology fee: See attached letter and technology improvement plans. It is proposed that an additional $30 per FTE student per semester technology fee be authorized. These funds will be used for help desk expansion, multimedia/distance learning classrooms, student record access improvements, and technical training support. If approved, three new classified employees would be hired. Dr. Starliper verified that there is no ceiling on the number of classified employees; it is only a matter of funding. This fee would provide the needed funding. It was MSP to accept Dr. Dunlop's proposal of increasing the technology fee.

Strategic plan: Shepherd has done well with meeting the objectives in S.B. 547. New programs (revised Computer Science, Environmental Studies, Entrepreneur ship and Small Business Management concentration, Spanish minor, and Women's Studies minor) are progressing. Technology initiatives are greatly improved. Private support is up. The biggest challenge is the student enrollment, which went down by 62 FTE. The strategic planning committee will be reconvened and expanded to discuss building and space allocation needs. This is an open process. Other issues including recruiting in the Community & Technical College, Saturday class offerings, and adjunct professors were discussed.

It was MSP that the minutes of the October 13, 1998 meeting be approved.

A report is attached. The issue of governance if still being discussed. Harry will present survey results on Mon., November 16th. It was MSP to endorse the current two board systems. It was suggested that people start thinking of who will the next ACCE rep after Harry's term expires in April of 2000.

A report is attached.

All classified employees are encouraged to take advantage of funds.

no report

It was suggested that retired staff be invited to the annual Christmas luncheon and to secure a jazz ensemble for entertainment.

Old Business
They are being assigned as requested.

A road is being built in the back of the Popodicon, which will assist with current safety concerns.

New Business
Governor Underwood declared November 27, 1998 a state holiday. It was MSP to recommend to Dr. Dunlop to assign extra day as a floating annual leave day.

There was a concern about security being available to help with the library closing at night.

Numerous minutes, including CEC minutes, are available on Shepherd College's web page at

Welcome: Stanley Stickles, Cafeteria
Transfer: Lashan Holmes, VPAA

The next meeting will be Tuesday, December 8 @ 9 a.m.

Submitted by,

Sally E. Urban

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