Classified Employee Council Minutes

November 12, 1997

Members Present: Karen Wempe, Dan Starliper, Paul Allen, Robert Jenkins, Paula Scott, Harry Young, Johnette Jackson, Donna Printz, Geraldine Hammond, Nancy Gunther-Snyder (alternate), Anna Mary Walsh, and Marsha Branch. Guest: Carl Lee

Mrs. Walsh welcomed Mr. Davis to the meeting.

Mr. Davis discussed how demographics will affect Shepherd College in the future. He stated that the age of students affects the attitudes of these students. The average age of the Shepherd College student is 26 with more female students enrolled than male students. Another influencing factor will be distance learning. Shepherd will need to find ways to better serve the students. Globalization will also affect Shepherd. There are currently three institutions in the state that are taking strides in this area. Fairmont State College is working in South America, West Virginia University is working in China and the Pacific Rim, and Shepherd is working in Russia which will include Eastern Europe. There is interest on the part of the Governor to become more actively involved in this area of education. Dr. Dunlop will decide on the direction he wants Shepherd to pursue in the next few months.

Student Affairs has worked hard to create a better learning environment in the residence halls. Shaw and Thacher are designated as living, learning centers. Student Affairs has placed a great deal of effort on developing programs. There are 500 individual programs that address violence, drinking, and other problems students feel they may experience on campus. There are about 1,000 students living on campus. They also set up a job fair to assist students to find employment once they have graduated. The Co-op program has about 100 students in the program. The trend nationwide is for campuses to be more involved in a co-op program. Funding for co-op is no longer available through grant money. The question now is whether the program should be picked up by the College. Mr. Davis stated that it is important to provide experience along with a degree.

IITTD is continuing to work with the Russian government. Mr. Davis and others are going to Russia the end of this month. The Russian government is having trouble collecting taxes. Money from the training held at Shepherd was put into the IITTD fund. If more Russian taxes can be collected then the Russians will have more revenue and perhaps can send additional people for training. IITTD brought in approximately $75,000 per year to Shepherd. This money was not only to help Shepherd employees send their children to college but also had to cover the expenses of the training. IITTD helped approximately 15 employees per semester send their children to Shepherd.

Mr. Davis thanked the Council for the opportunity to attend the meeting.

Mrs. Walsh thanked Mr. Davis for his presentation.

The meeting was called to order by Anna Mary Walsh.

The minutes of the October 10, 1997 meeting were approved as distributed.

Met on October 22, 1997 and discussed the items which follow: Educational Release Time Procedure was finalized; concern of rising health insurance for employees; loan options for TIAA/CREF; unanimously supported the letter Chair Pitzer sent to Haywood Helmick. Paul Martinelli agreed to send a similar letter but as of this date has not done so and it will be brought up in the next joint meeting; continuing support to increase the increment to $50. Dan Starliper stated that the loan option was in place for CREF so that an employee could borrow against what has been accumulated.

Board of Advisors
Met in October. They named the new science building the Robert C. Byrd Science and Technology Center. Dan Starliper reported that Dan Stegall from One Valley Bank resigned from the Board of Advisors and a new member will be appointed.

Arrears Payroll Plan
Attached is a copy of the West Virginia Code dealing with compensation and allowances. This article deals with paying employees in arrears. The plan will go into affect July 1, 1999 and will probably be handled in one of three ways. Either an employee will surrender 9 or 10 days of annual leave to the state and continue receiving their pay check without interruption; an employee will borrow 9 or 10 days of annual leave from the state and pay it back each month if they do not have enough accrued annual leave; or an employee will not receive one pay check in order to put them in arrears. NO DETAILS HAVE BEEN WORKED OUT AT THIS TIME.

Scholarship Committee
The raffle held at Homecoming brought a $350 profit. The winner was Susan Hayas, an employee of the Maryland Correctional Institution in Hagerstown, MD. The Committee thanks all those who supported this fundraiser.

There were only 14 employees (3 of which were faculty) who signed up to have a payroll deduction toward the Classified Employee Scholarship Fund. Anyone still interested or who needs another form should contact Sandy Collier and turn it in as soon as possible. Dan Starliper requested that another appeal be made to the employees. This will be done in the near future. It was MSP that Dan Starliper attend the next meeting of the Executive Staff to ask for their financial support in this effort.

Staff Development
The Staff Development Committee sent out a questionnaire asking employees to let them know what type of computer training is needed on campus. The results will be reported after the deadline for returning the questionnaires.

Strategic Planning
There are two copies of the plan in the Library for everyone to read.

Social Committee
Mary Beth Sibert spoke with the President and the Dining Hall concerning the Christmas Luncheon. It was MSP that the luncheon be held on Wednesday, December 17th from 12 noon to 1:30 p.m. Anna Mary Walsh will request one-half hour release time from Dr. Dunlop so that more people can attend the luncheon. The menu and cost will be sent to each employee as soon as it is set. Nancy Gunther Snyder and Paula Scott volunteered to help Mrs. Sibert with the luncheon.

Campus Committee Food Drive
There will be places for collecting canned food for the Residence Life Office in cooperation with Office of Community Services in the Butcher Center, Sara Cree, Study Center, and the Information Desk. Please bring in any canned food you can so that others may have a good holiday season.

Group Rate at Whitetail
Whitetail Ski Resort has provided information in case our employees were interested in a group rate (see attached information). The rates are 6 visits for $99. You can go anytime and the price includes lift and rentals. Contact Anna Mary Walsh if you're interested.

Dr. Jim Watson will be invited to attend a meeting after the first of the year.

The Administrative Council meeting will be held on November 20th.

Next Meeting
The next meeting of the Classified Employees Council will be held Wednesday, December 10th at 9 a.m. in the Blue-Gray Room. Council meetings are open meetings.

Respectfully submitted,

Marsha A. Branch
Classified Employee Council Secretary

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