Classified Employee Council Minutes

November 14, 2001

Present: Brenda Feltner, Tim Haines, Geraldine Hammond, Cheryl Layton, Paul Schwan, Paula Scott, Dan Starliper, Peg Swisher, Larry Turner, Anna Mary Walsh, and Racquel Yerbury. Guests: Ken Harbaugh and Dan Yanna.

Anna Mary Walsh, chair, called the meeting to order. She welcomed Racquel Yerbury to the Council as our new ACCE representative.

It was M/S/P to approve the October 16, 2001, minutes as distributed.

Advisory Council of Classified Employees
ACCE met at Concord College on October 18 with Anna Mary attending. Her report is attached.

Board of Governors
Dan Starliper reported on the November 13, 2001, Board of Governors meeting. His report is attached. There are still two vacancies left to fill on this Board.

Buildings/Grounds and Safety
Dan Yanna reported that the dome was recently put on the library and the library addition is progressing well. The completion date is July. A project manager has also been hired. If you are wondering about the stakes in the ground next to Snyder Hall, that is where trees will be planted. Ed Snyder and Patrick Drohan are in charge of that project.

Anna Mary asked about removing the kiosk in front of Knutti. Dan said they have discussed the kiosk, and plans are to have it painted.

Dan said that the handicap accessible signs were just received, and they will be putting these signs out.

He also reported that the safety survey has been analyzed, and the results have been distributed. Approximately 120 surveys were returned.

Regarding other safety matters: he stated that safety manuals are being distributed campus wide; the tree behind Miller was thinned; the walkway behind Miller was redirected and lighting added which should now make that area safer; Miller Hall was re-keyed and Facilities is in the process of re-keying most residence halls; the flashing lights will be installed at the Rt. 480 crosswalk; and a tree behind White was thinned and one that had died was removed.

Scholarship Committee
Peg Swisher reported that they have not met.

Paula Scott reported that they are aiming for Thursday, December 13, for the Christmas luncheon. A flyer will be forthcoming.

Staff Development
They have not met.

Old Business

New Business
Dan Starliper informed Council that employees will pick up two additional holidays because of Governor Wise declaring two holidays that we already take. It was "M/S/P that one day be used as a floater and the second day be used during spring break week on Monday, March 18." Employees will then have two three-day weekends, as we already have a holiday on Friday, March 22, of spring break week. (See the attached amended Holiday Schedule.)

Dan announced that on Monday, November 26, at 6 p.m. in the Shepherd College Ballroom, the Public Employees Insurance Agency (PEIA) will conduct a public hearing. PEIA will present the 2003 financial plan. Interested people may comment on the plan, but you must register to do so. PEIA staff will be available from 4-6 p.m. in the Ballroom to conduct customer service sessions.

Dan also announced that the TIAA-CREF Long Term Care team will be on campus January 23 and 24, 2002, to present two seminars and to meet with employees regarding long-term care (nursing home insurance). The seminars are scheduled for January 23, 1-2:30, Blue-Gray Room, and January 24, 10-11:30 a.m., Rumsey Room.

Ken Harbaugh introduced the issue of the inequity of new non-classified employees coming into the system and receiving the top leave-earning rate. After discussion, it was "M/S/P that the Shepherd College Classified Council's concern of classified and non-classified employees having the same annual leave benefits be taken before the Advisory Council of Classified Employees (ACCE) by our representative."

There being no further Council business, the meeting adjourned at 10:42 a.m.

Anna Mary then introduced Dan Yanna, Director of Facilities Management:

  • Dan distributed a sample cleaning schedule for White Hall. He said they are trying to fill all of the vacant custodial positions. He then discussed the custodial procedures and priorities.
  • Dan then distributed the Safety Procedures Manual. Every employee on campus will be receiving a copy of the safety procedures. There are two procedures so far, and there will be two more by the end of the year. These safety procedures will also be put in new hire packets. These procedures deal with issues that every employee should respond to in a similar manner.

    There being no further comments or questions, Anna Mary thanked Dan Yanna for being our guest at this meeting.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Brenda J. Feltner
    Classified Employees' Council Secretary

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