Classified Employee Council Minutes

May 13, 1998

Members Present: Paul Allen, Sandy Collier (guest), Brenda Feltner (alternate), Jacqueline Grantham, Geraldine Hammond, Marcia Hanifan, Ken Harbaugh, Cheryl Layton, Johnette Jackson, Robert Jenkins, Johnny Myers, Joan Pope (alternate), Paula Scott, Dan Starliper, Agnes Tabler, Phyllis Taylor (alternate), Sally Urban, Anna Mary Walsh, Karen Wempe, William Willingham, Karl Wolf, Harry Young

Anna Mary Walsh called the joint meeting of the Council to order.

The minutes of the March 11, 1998 meeting were approved as distributed.

The minutes of the April 8, 1998 meeting were approved as distributed.

Anna Mary Walsh welcomed new members and thanked outgoing members.

Chair: Dan Starliper, Asst. Chair: Johnette Jackson, Secretary: Sally Urban

Harry Young reported this year's activities of ACCE have wound down. It was discussed that all Classified Council Chairs will be invited to attend the July meeting. The role is to carefully monitor statewide policies. The new web page was also discussed. It will include bios of council members, policy bulletins and current issues including legislative updates. The employee handbook was discussed. The concern was discussed about the handbook getting too long and complex by including many detailed policies and plans.

The Shepherd College Board of Advisors met May 7th in Petersburg, WV. The South Branch staff gave a good presentation. The commencement awards were approved. Between 75-100 community members attended the reception.

Ken Harbaugh went to the Foundation with a proposal that Classified Employee Council have a representative on the board. The proposed new by-laws will include one classified council member (4 year term), three faculty members (4 year terms), and the chair of Classified Employee Council (1 year term). It was also proposed that the Foundation be a sponsor for the bi-annual European trip.

An ergonomic seminar was recently presented by a physical therapist to the Dining Hall staff. One was earlier presented to the Maintenance staff. It seemed to be a helpful program. The committee also co-sponsored the Professional Secretary's Day program at the Fish & Wildlife Service, NCTC. Another Health Fair will be coordinated in the fall. It was once again mentioned that the spring fair went very well. There will be approximately $3000 remaining in fund. It will be requested to carry this money over to the next fiscal year. The total for the year was $19,611.04.

A massive campaign will be conducted to get employees to participate in the payroll deduction program for student scholarships. It is tax deductible. So far, 20 people have made a commitment to participate. Up to 2/3 of what is collected until June 30, 1998 can be awarded. Eleven CEC children have applied for financial assistance for the 1998-99 academic year. The scholarship awards are distributed in a scientific process: 70% is financial need, 20% is scholarship, and 10% is community involvement. Volunteers will once again be needed for the summer mailing fundraiser. Raffles may be held again at Homecoming with possible sales at the American Legion reception. Another idea is to pursue having a dinner/banquet after the football game.

The importance of having mentors for new hires was once again discussed. A committee will put together recommendations. It was also decided that the Human Resource office would coordinate the announcing of all new hires in The Record and the CEC minutes on a regular basis. It was noted that The Record is to be published during the summer months. Special importance was mentioned to notify the Telecommunications department of any employees leaving or joining Shepherd to assist with phone calls and mail distribution.

It was MSP that CEC participate in bulk mailing again this August. Nominations for committee chairs and members will be held in June meeting for Scholarship, Staff Development, and Social committees. The Board of Directors and Board of Trustees made changes in employee release policies. Now employees can take one class in release time per semester during work hours. This handout is attached and should be inserted in handbooks.

Susan Bly, Financial Aid Asst. III
Veronica Lavache, Library Clerk
Stephen Parrotte, II Director of Wellness Center
Brenda Baker, Civil War Center
Betty Crampton Ecton, HPERS
Linda Ettinger, CTC
Diane Harrison, Finance & Administration
Michael Propst, Security
Lorinda Unglebower, Residence Life
Richard York, Admissions

The next meeting will be Tuesday, June 9th @ 9 a.m.

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