Classified Employee Council Minutes

May 18, 2000

Present: David Cage, Brenda Feltner, Johnette Jackson, Cheryl Layton, Steve Parrotte, Paula Scott, Libby Shanton, Connie Shirley, Nan Gunther-Snyder, Dan Starliper, Shelley Tharp, Larry Turner, Anna Mary Walsh, Karen Wempe, and Deneatta Williams. Outgoing Council members: Sally Urban and Stacy Wright.

Anna Mary Walsh called the meeting to order. She asked all those present to introduce themselves.

Election of officers was held with the following results: Anna Mary Walsh, Chair; Shelley Tharp, Assistant Chair; Brenda Feltner, Secretary.

A list of all 2000-01 Classified Employees Council members is attached.

It was MSP that the April 13, 2000, minutes be approved as distributed.

Advisory Council of Classified Employees
Anna Mary attended the joint meeting of ACCE for both the college and university systems in Charleston on May 11, 2000, in place of Harry Young. The main agenda item was Senate Bill 653 which will combine the university system with the state college system under one governing board. They also discussed getting a lobbyist for higher education concerns. Anna Mary also shared with the Council some of the highlighted items in a draft of a letter that ACCE sent to Senator Jackson and Delegate Mezzatesta. These items were the rising cost of health insurance, having a vote on the governing boards, and removing term limitations for classified staff members serving on institutional boards of governors. Next meeting will be on July 9-10th when both ACCEs hope to talk with Legislative Oversight Commission on Education Accountability members (LOCEA) when they're in Charleston for an interim meeting.

Board of Advisors
No report.

Scholarship Committee
Karen Wempe reported that there were seven applications submitted for consideration. It was MSP that the Council approve awarding scholarships to the following five applicants:
Emily Baker, daughter of Brenda Baker;
Eric Gibson, son of Lexa Long;
Shalo Hess, daughter of Elizabeth Hess;
Sara Phillips, daughter of Joy Phillips;
Sherry Shirley, daughter of Connie Shirley.

Staff Development
Johnette Jackson reported that $19,612.00 was allocated for staff development. $17,886.66 was spent mainly for conferences and training. There is a balance of $1,725.34 remaining in staff development money. Concern was raised about the interpretation of the guidelines where staff is/is not allowed to take classes unless the class has direct relation to a staff member's job. Johnette stated that the Staff Development Committee would meet and discuss the guidelines. Discussion ensued as to whether any staff member could obtain an e-mail account. Any employee who needs an e-mail account should see Patt Welsh in Computer Services.

Old Business
In response to the Council's letter to Dr. Sharon Kipetz, Vice President of Student Affairs, concerning the morale problem in the dining hall, Dr. Kipetz thanked the Council for its concerns and suggestions. She has given a copy to the Director and has also asked him to work with the management team on developing an employee appreciation program for the upcoming year and is currently working on an end-of-the-year event for the dining hall staff to show appreciation for all the hard work that has been done this past year.

A question was brought up as to whether Council received the requested information from Dr. Ingle concerning the "contractualism issues" that were stated in paragraph nine, February 10, 2000, Council Minutes. After discussion, it was determined that Council still had not received specific information that it had requested. Anna Mary will again attempt to obtain answers to Council's questions from Dr. Ingle.

New Business
The date for the monthly Council meetings was set for the first Thursday of each month at 9 a.m.

Anna Mary read a note of appreciation from Haydon Rudolf "thanking the Council for publicly acknowledging his retirement from Shepherd and most especially for bestowing upon him the honor of being charter Classified Employee Emeritus."

Dan Starliper reviewed with the Council the tentative holiday schedule for 2000-2001. After discussion, it was MSP (unanimously) that the Council support the proposed tentative holiday schedule.

Anna Mary reviewed with Council the recommended changes to the "Emeritus Status of Classified Employees" criteria that was submitted by the Executive Staff. Council members MSP that the sections, "Requirements" and "Benefits" be left as originally written.

Housekeeping concerns regarding the residence halls were discussed. Council will share these questions and concerns with Dr. Sharon Kipetz. Anna Mary will invite Dr. Sharon Kipetz, Vice-President for Student Affairs, to our June 1st meeting.

Other concerns brought to Council's attention were the after-hours and weekend emergency situations (no hot water, no electricity, etc.) with no one always available to take care of these problems. After discussion, Council concluded that nothing could really be done at this time because Shepherd has no Director of Facilities Management, and we also have a shortage of staff in our Maintenance Department.

Staff Changes
Welcome: Amber Musser, Secretary, South Branch Valley

Farewells: Monica Cutrer, Student Affairs
Gwen Murray, Business Office
John Myers, Maintenance

It was MSP that the meeting be adjourned at 10:20 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Brenda J. Feltner
Classified Employees Council Secretary

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