Classified Employee Council Minutes

March 11, 1998

Members Present: Karl Wolf, Johnette Jackson, Agnes Tabler, Ken Harbaugh, Robert Jenkins, Paula Scott, Jacqueline Grantham, Geraldine Hammond, Dan Starliper, Anna Mary Walsh, and Marsha Branch.

Mrs. Walsh welcomed Mr. David Grove and Mr. Wally Gage to the meeting.

Mr. Grove stated that one person was hired on a rotating shift and two were hired at the beginning of the school year. He also stated that when employees take annual or sick leave, it leaves the department short on staff to do the daily work routine.

One of the problems cited by the housekeeping and maintenance staff was carry-out from the Dining Hall. The plastic containers tear the trash bags and any food left in the containers ends up everywhere. This is not only causing cleaning problems in the trash containers but is also causing a rodent problem in the resident halls.

Another concern is the use of smokeless tobacco. This has always been a problem since students continue to spit on the floors, in the drinking fountains, and leave their containers with spit in them in the resident halls. Not only is this causing damage to the carpeting but it is also unsanitary.

Improved mail service to the maintenance staff was also mentioned. Mr. Grove also mentioned that he is having the cigarette butts removed from door entrance areas at academic buildings on a rotating basis.

Mrs. Walsh thanked Mr. Grove and Mr. Gage for attending the meeting and for giving the Council an update on improved maintenance and housekeeping service on campus.

Mrs. Walsh called the meeting to order.

The minutes of the February 11, 1998 meeting were approved with the following amendment. The ACCE report was amended to read "we may experience difficulty with the annual increment increase this year."

After hearing the concerns raised by the Maintenance Department, the Council MSP that a letter be sent to Student Affairs inquiring what action could be taken to alleviate the food and alcohol problem in the residence halls. The Council further MSP that a letter be sent to the Athletic Director requesting that he urge coaches and athletes not to use smokeless tobacco on campus.

No report. Mrs. Walsh thanked everyone who contacted their representatives concerning the $50 increment.

Dr. Starliper stated that the Board of Advisors had met and approved the increase in student fees. The Board also approved the discontinuation of the Hotel-Motel Restaurant Management major. Dr. Dunlop gave an NCATE progress report. Shepherd College passed 17 of the 18 criteria. The only criteria not met was the Education Department not having a separate minority recruitment plan from that of the College. The College should have a final ruling in late March or April concerning NCATE. Dr. Dunlop is going to reconvene the Strategic Planning Committee to help write a campus plan. The next meeting of the Board of Advisors will be in May in Petersburg.

Dr. Starliper presented the tentative holiday schedule for 1998-1999. MSP that the Council support the adoption of the proposed holiday schedule.

The Committee is to meet the beginning of April. At that time new fundraisers will be discussed. Eight people have applied for the Shepherd College Classified Employees Scholarship this year. As of February 25th there was $24,600 in the Scholarship Fund. So far 18 people have enrolled in the payroll deduction plan for a total of approximately $1740 annually.

There is approximately $10,598 in the Staff Development Fund of which $5,000 is committed to computer training. So far 22 employees have signed up for computer training during the three days of Spring Break.

The Annual Meeting will be held on April 14th from 12 noon to 1:30 p.m. in the basement of the Dining Hall. Dr. Dunlop has granted 1/2-hour release time for employees to attend this meeting. The menu for the luncheon will be distributed at a later date. A table for donations to the Scholarship Fund and a 50/50 raffle will also be set up in the basement.

The lack of minority representation on the Strategic Planning Committee will be addressed at the next Assembly meeting and a vote will be taken concerning a resolution to this matter. The Classified Employees Council will address its representation on this committee at the May meeting.

The next meeting of the Classified Employees Council will be April 8, 1998 at 9 a.m. in the Blue-Gray Room. Ms. Stacy Wright and Mr. Bob Maidhof will be asked to address the Council at this meeting. All meetings of the Classified Employees Council are open.

Respectfully submitted,

Marsha A. Branch
Classified Employee Council Secretary

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