Classified Employee Council Minutes

March 14, 2002

Present: David Cage, Brenda Feltner, Tim Haines, Geraldine Hammond, Steve Parrotte, Paula Scott, Dan Starliper, Peg Swisher (alternate), Anna Mary Walsh, and Karl Wolf. Guests: Ken Harbaugh, Dave Myers, Nancy Roesel, and Dan Yanna.

Anna Mary Walsh, chair, called the meeting to order. She introduced and welcomed Dave Myers, the new HVAC employee in Facilities Management, to our Council meeting.

It was M/S/P to approve the February 19, 2002, minutes with the following corrections: (1) Under Old Business, Geraldine Hammond asked for clarification regarding the custodial job family statement. Dan Starliper replied that this was in reference to the new Position Information Questionnaires (PIQs) that all the custodians completed for re-evaluation by the Job Evaluation Committee for possible upgrades of that position. (2) Karl Wolf said that under Staff Changes, Julie Buckingham is the new person in Admissions.

Advisory Council of Classified Employees
Anna Mary reported that ACCE has not met since our last Council meeting. The next ACCE meeting will be at WV Southern Community College on March 14th.

Board of Governors
Dan Starliper reported they have not met other than meeting with the North Central Accreditation team. Dan thought that board members did an excellent job at that meeting.

Staff Development
Nancy Roesel distributed the Classified Employee Staff Development Program guidelines to Council members. She suggested that under Annual Limits, the $500 limit per person per fiscal year be increased to $1,000 from now until the end of the year. After discussion, "it was M/S/P to approve the $1,000 limit per person from now until the end of this fiscal year." Discussion ensued regarding other possible uses of staff development funds and changes in the guidelines. Nancy suggested that next year's Staff Development Committee should be the one that should deal with these issues.

Scholarship Committee
Ken Harbaugh reminded Council members that the committee is holding a "Getaway for Two" raffle to raise money for the scholarship fund. (Tickets are $1.00). If any classified employee is interested in selling tickets, please contact him (Ext. 5252) or Krisy Bell (Ext. 5449). All ticket stubs, ticket money, and unsold tickets should be returned by April 9. The prize will consist of a "Getaway for Two" at the Clarion Hotel with dinner and breakfast included.

Buildings and Grounds
Dan Yanna and Ken Harbaugh reported on various items from this committee's last meeting:

  • A group from the Nursing Department did a nice presentation in trying to change smoking locations all over campus.
  • The Athletic Department is putting a slab down for a small building on the women's softball field for concessions. The primary function of this building is to call games from and to house equipment. This building along with the new scoreboard is part of the field enhancement.
  • Kenamond and Gardiner Halls will undergo restroom/shower room renovations. Callas Contractors was awarded this bid.
  • The Knutti Hall sprinkler system will be installed this summer.
  • The brick work on the library addition is almost completed. The drywall is also almost completed. Windows and doors are beginning to be installed. They are reviewing the architectural and engineering part for Phase II (renovation of the existing library).
  • In Sara Cree, they have a commitment from Elevator Technology to install a lift from the men's locker room to the pool area for handicap accessibility.
  • Dan Starliper asked about the installation of the lights behind the Human Resources building. Dan Yanna responded that they are here and are on the electrician's agenda.
  • The Rt. 480 crosswalk lighting system has been ordered and is to be installed over spring break.
  • Long-term projects for next year will include the Frank Center addition.

    Safety Committee
    Dan Yanna reported that this committee met last week. The Schirmer Engineering group did a risk management/safety report for Shepherd. They had about 60 recommendations. Dan stated that we could make some of the changes, but others we could not. Dan gave an example: installing door closures on all residence hall doors. He said that doing this would not be financially feasible. Employees who already received safety procedure manuals should have received a new set of the first four procedures. Dan has also given human resources these manuals to distribute to new hires.

    Old Business

    New Business
    Dan Starliper reminded everyone that Monday, March 18, and Friday, March 22, of spring break week are holidays for all Shepherd College employees.

    He also reported that Karen Wempe has been granted catastrophic leave by Dr. Dunlop.

    Dan requested volunteers or for Anna Mary to appoint a couple of people to review the Classified Employees¹ Handbook to make minor updates to it.

    Dan also brought before Council a request that the Human Resources office only be required to keep the most recent five years of annual evaluations in a classified employee¹s permanent personnel file. He would send out a notice to all classified employees that they can pick up from his office all other annual evaluations if they want them. After discussion, "it was M/S/P that the Human Resources office retain only the most recent five years of an employee¹s annual evaluation in each classified employee¹s permanent personnel file."

    A concern was brought before Council regarding classified staff being required to use Microsoft Outlook and not being able to use Eudora like the faculty. After much discussion, it was suggested that Anna Mary invite Dave Thompson to our April 16 Council meeting to enlighten us on this issue.

    Anna Mary reported that the two possible dates for the Classified Employees Annual Meeting are April 17 or April 25 with lunch being available for $4. Ken Harbaugh stated that there would are no emeritus classified employees or retirees to be recognized. There will be three staff years-of-service recognitions this year. It was suggested that we recognize all non-classified staff and faculty who have been long-time contributors to the Classified Employees Children's Scholarship Fund. It was also suggested that Dr. Jim Pantle be specially recognized by a Council resolution for his tremendous work and effort in the North Central re-accreditation process. Council members concurred.

    Ken Harbaugh emphasized nominations for Classified Council reps. from the various categories should be okayed by the nominees before our annual meeting. The category list is attached to these minutes.

    Anna Mary brought before Council the meeting she attended organized by the Jefferson County Chapter of NAACP, with support of the Shepherd College Student NAACP, regarding racism issues at Shepherd College. It had been reported that classified employees voiced complaints to the leadership of the organization in attendance at this forum, instead of coming to representatives within the College when they have an issue they wished to be addressed.

    This was reinforced by comments made by Council category representatives. With consensus that employee issues need to be brought to resolution, the Council would like to see the college disperse information more frequently concerning who to contact when an issue arises. After much discussion, Council emphasizes to all classified employees who might be experiencing any form of racism or diversity-type problems to please contact your supervisor, and/or a Classified Council officer, and/or the human resources/ affirmative action director, and/or if necessary, the campus police.

    It was also reiterated that such issues were of concern and importance because they were written into our Classified Employees Council Constitution in Article II Purposes (ratified twenty years ago).

    [NOTE: these are:

    "D. To convey classified employee concerns to the Shepherd College Board of Governors and to the state Advisory Council of Classified Employees.

    E. To foster a spirit of unity and cooperation among all employees of Shepherd College."]

    Staff Changes
    Farewell: Jason Contois, Dining Hall

    There being no further Council business, the meeting adjourned at 11 a.m.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Brenda J. Feltner
    Classified Employees' Council Secretary

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