Classified Employee Council Minutes

March 1, 2001

Present: Paul Allen, Scott Anderson, David Cage (alternate), Brenda Feltner, Geraldine Hammond, Cheryl Layton, Paula Scott, Libby Shanton, Connie Shirley, Dan Starliper, Shelley Tharp, Anna Mary Walsh, Karen Wempe, and Deneatta Williams. Guest: Ken Harbaugh.

Anna Mary Walsh, chair, called the meeting to order.

It was M/S/P that the February 1, 2001, minutes be approved as distributed.

Association of Concerned Classified Employees
The trip to Charleston Feb. 21-22nd allowed ACCE reps to convey the message of classified employees at meetings held with Senators John Unger, Bob Plymale, and Mike Oliverio. The "brochure" which ACCE has been working on for two months was printed and distributed to every legislator with whom we came in contact that day. All legislators and their offices will have copies of this document during the legislative session. Included in the booklet is: the definition of a classified employee of West Virginia (we seem to be excluded when other state employees are provided with benefits); the issues which classified employees support: A NEW MARKET-LEVEL SALARY SCHEDULE REMAINING IN STATE CODE; maintain the annual increment pay for years of service in code; defer implementation of a merit pay system at this time; retain current uniform classification and job evaluation systems; give representation on the Higher Education Policy Commission; maintenance of health care coverage for classified staff; employees retain benefit plan chosen at time of employment; retain higher education's grievance procedures per 18B-29-1 of the WV Code; provide ACCE membership for all accredited public institutions; removal of term limits for the Advisory Council representatives; maintain dual role on institutional boards and advisory councils; and to provide parity with faculty on presidential search committees. Also included in the legislative information booklet is a schedule that represents the percentage of increase needed per pay grade to bring the salary to 94% of market (prepared by William Mercer Inc. and to become effective July 1, 2001, if passed by the Legislature).

Senator Bob Plymale, member of LOCEA and the Senate Education Committee, gave ACCE reps the impression that there is hope that higher education would not be forgotten when it came to funding. We are to meet with Senator Lloyd Jackson, chair of the Senate Education Committee, on March 20th. He will hear our concerns. ACCE is meeting with every legislator who will talk with us about our issues. We have put in a request for a meeting with Governor Wise. Time will tell.

Another topic which keeps surfacing with ACCE is having someone who can keep the concerns of classified employees at the forefront in Charleston, as do businesses, schoolteachers, and industries. It was estimated that it would cost about $5.00 per month for every classified employee in the state to contribute for a representative (not a union but as an advocate). After discussion, it was M/S/P "that Anna Mary distribute a survey to all classified employees to see if they would be willing to contribute $5 per month towards a lobbyist." [SEE ATTACHED FORM]

Board of Advisors
Dan Starliper reported that the Shepherd College Board of Advisors met on February 15, 2001. Please see his attached report.

Scholarship Committee
Karen Wempe reported that as of 2/13/01, the scholarship fund consisted of $41,235.86. There are now twenty-seven employees participating in the payroll deduction plan. She also reported that six applications have been submitted for scholarship money.

Fundraisers being planned are cash bingo sometime between September and the early part of November and a dinner theater in D.C.

Because Karen has to devote more time to the new Banner Finance program being implemented, she has temporarily resigned as chair of this committee. Through a recommendation by Karen, Anna Mary appointed Peg Swisher as chair of the Scholarship Committee.

Staff Development
Cholesterol screening is scheduled for March 15 at the Health Center sponsored by Classified Employees' Staff Development. This will be a full lipid profile requiring a 12-hour fast. As of March 7, the Health Center will not accept any more appointments for cholesterol screening.

The customer service seminars with Rie Wilson have been very well received.

Buildings and Grounds Committee
Karen Wempe reported that no new information was mentioned about the crosswalk lighting. She reported (as per Dan Yanna) that the grounds crew attended training sessions on customer service, image, and presentation. Dan had strongly encouraged all facilities management employees to attend the customer service training.

Karen distributed the following list of Buildings and Grounds Subcommittee Members:

Campus Amenities (Grounds) Campus Infrastructure (Buildings)
Sonya Evanisko, Chair - Ext. 5254 Dan Yanna, Chair - Ext. 5236
Marsha Branch - Ext. 5312 (resigned) Dow Benedict - Ext. 5393
Rick Bruner - Ext. 5372 Pete Checkovich - Ext. 5203
Al Cook - Ext. 5236 Dan DePalma - Ext. 5350
Luoluo Hong - Ext. 5172 James McNeel - Ext. 5301
Vicki Kelch - Ext. 5236 Peter Morris - Ext. 5407
Joan Pope - Ext. 5140 Alan Perdue - Ext. 5289
Jim Watson - Ext. 5195 Nan Snyder - Ext. 5275
Bob Willgoos - Ext. 5258 Karen Wempe - Ext. 5052

Please contact any member on the appropriate subcommittee if you have any buildings or grounds suggestions or problems.

Old Business
Ken Harbaugh reported that he has collected a total of $40 for the Classified Employees' "Buy-a-Brick" campaign. Please give your coins or dollars to Ken Harbaugh (Ikenberry Hall), Johnette Jackson (Butcher Center), or Anna Mary Walsh (Knutti Hall).

A question was asked regarding the ServiceMaster contract. As far as we know, it is still on a monthly basis.

New Business
Ken Harbaugh reported that the Emeritus Subcommittee met, and two possible candidates were unanimously approved to be recommended to the Council: Robert Jenkins and Harry Young. It was thereby M/S/P "that Robert Jenkins and Harry Young be recommended to Executive Staff for emeritus status."

Anna Mary then brought before Council a concern of classified employees as to the clear policy on essential offices/employees during class cancellations or campus closings. After much discussion, please note the following as stipulated by Dan Starliper and reaffirmed by Alan Perdue via e-mail:

All employees designated as emergency personnel (via a memo from their supervisors) will be required to report at their regular work times regardless of weather conditions, unless otherwise directed by their unit supervisors. These are generally police, grounds crew, food services, and some residence hall staff.

When classes are cancelled but the College is not closed (i.e. "Administrative Offices open") means that all classified and non-classified employees are required to either work their regular shifts or utilize annual leave for the time missed.

"Liberal leave" is an unofficial phrase which is intended to characterize in two words the third paragraph of the "Shepherd College Cancellation Policy": "Employees encountering severe travel conditions should notify their supervisors of their absence and discuss work conditions, leave time, and special needs." (i.e. The college administration has an EXTRA liberal attitude about employees taking leave at their discretion when there is genuinely inclement weather. As long as employees act with good faith, there will be no problems. It is up to each employee to make a good faith judgment as to whether he or she needs to leave work or not come to work due to the weather.)

Dan Starliper wanted to clarify that employees cannot file a grievance against another employee. When a grievance is filed, it is against the institution. Employees need to look at the harassment policies. An employee can file a harassment complaint against another employee but not a grievance.

Geraldine Hammond asked about getting a new Classified Employees Handbook. Dan stated that he has copies of the most recent one (1996) in his office if anyone needs it. [NOTE: The Classified Employees Handbook is also located on the Human Resources webpage.]

Anna Mary requested input as to the date for the Classified Employees annual meeting. It was decided that the date would be either April 10 or 17. She would notify Mary Beth Sibert who coordinates these events.

Regarding the annual meeting, Ken Harbaugh stated that as the number of classified employees decrease, it is very important to nominate the best representatives to the Council from each category. Ken estimated the following: Retired - 3; Moved to unclassified - 5; Resigned - 26 (hopefully these have been or will be replaced); and Deceased - 1.

There being no further business, it was M/S/P that the meeting be adjourned at 10:35 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Brenda J. Feltner
Classified Employees Council Secretary

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