Classified Employee Council Minutes


Present: Harry Young, Agnes Tabler, Robert Jenkins, Karen Wempe, Sally Urban, Anna Mary Walsh, Shelley Tharp, Paul Allen, Dan Starliper, Pat Sherwood, Karl Wolf, Cheryl Layton. Guests: Foundation President Jim Davis, Monica Lingenfelter, Jim Watson.

Anna Mary Walsh called the meeting to order.

It was MSP that the minutes of the 2/10/00 meeting be accepted as read.

Harry reported concerns of the Board of Directors regarding the Higher Education Bill. Concerns rest mainly in the bill's lack of support for classified employees, the absence of salary schedule, possible disruption of the uniform statewide classification schedule.

MSP that a resolution reflecting the concerns of the Classified Council be sent to area legislators before the close of this session. Anna Mary Walsh will notify the legislators; Harry Young will send that information to members of ACCE.

Board of Advisors:
See Attached

Scholarship Committee:
No Report

Staff Development:
No report

Buildings and Grounds:
Met 2/27/00. The stadium plan was discussed, and the color of fencing around the football field and lettering associated with the field was selected (black). Discussion of location of additional kiosks and wayfinders on campus was held. Concerns were raised about the feasibility of having more kiosks because of the following reasons: original one seems to be grossly under-utilized; creates a messy environment because papers blow off, get weather-soaked, then remain on ground in the area; management of keeping the information on the kiosk current; and, at time when budgets are tight, the cost of a kiosk at over $3,000 each seems impractical.

The next meeting on March 16th will focus on heating and air-conditioning on campus.

MSP that the regular meeting be suspended so we can stay on schedule for the guest speakers at 10 a.m.

Jim Davis, President of the Shepherd College Foundation, reported on the Challenge 2000, a fundraising event with the goal of raising $1,000,000 by the new millenium. Within 16 months, $1,500,000 had been raised. The Foundation is dedicated to supporting the students and the institution of Shepherd College. He stated that planned giving is a way many people are beginning to contribute in support of the Foundation. Monica Lingenfelter announced a new fundraising endeavor, "The Campaign for Shepherd." She stated the upcoming Shepherd College Magazine will include a four-page insert highlighting the Campaign and the two capital projects, the football stadium and the library. This will be an ongoing project, the present goal being to raise enough money for the completion of the library. New goals will be set as the need arises. Jim Watson addressed the goals of College Advancement which supports the campaign in ways the Foundation delegates things for them to do. An area in which he is currently working is corporate giving. He stated that the fundraising program seeks to address all the needs of the campus, scholarships, program and curriculum development, and capital improvement. He mentioned that his office is targeting small businesses in Jefferson and Berkeley Counties to make them aware of where they can help. He reported on the idea of a "Parents Club" where parents would take part in a planned giving program. He mentioned that the McMurran Society, with 40-45 members, have brought in additional funds with estate planning. He stated that College Advancement works directly with our students who work on the Homecoming Committee. He expressed appreciation to all the staff, as well as faculty and students, who helped with the annual Phone-A-Thon.

The Council thanked them for attending our meeting to keep us apprised of their good work.

MSP meeting be resumed.

MSP that a resolution be presented to the Shepherd College Foundation, congratulating their success with the Y2K fundraiser, and best wishes for continued success with their upcoming endeavors. The Classified Council wishes to offer our full support to the Foundation.

New Business:
Annual Meeting and Luncheon will be Wednesday, April 19th, 11:30-1:00 in the Dining Hall. Cost will be $4.00. Menu to be announced! Mark your calendars now.

Ken Harbaugh gave report on how many of our employees will be recognized for years of service and retirements at our annual meeting. With special recognition going to many and the need to nominate category representatives for next year's Council, we urge all staff to attend.

Attached to the minutes is a list of classified employees by categories. Please review the list, check with people from your category who you would like to have represent you on the Council, and attend the annual meeting to nominate them for the election on our agenda.

MSP that a resolution of approval and respect be presented to Harry Young for his 30 years of service to Shepherd College.

Dan Starliper stated that members of the committee looking into staff emeritus status had checked with college counsel and nothing prohibits emeritus status for classified employees. MSP that Haydon Rudolf's name be submitted to Dr. Dunlop for consideration for status as Classified Employee Emeritus. Anna Mary Walsh will forward this recommendation to the president.

Sally Urban announced that there will be a series of forums on a wide variety of topics on campus, as recommended by the President's Commission on Diversity and Social Justice. Watch for flyers with dates, times and locations.

Old Business:
The information from Dr. Ingle was reviewed. Additional data dealing with contractual agreements and costs will be requested from Dr. Ingle for further clarification. The Council will have a special meeting on April 6th to discuss this material. Location will be announced.

MSP meeting be adjourned

Pat Sherwood

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