Classified Employee Council Minutes

June 10, 1999

Present: Anna Mary Walsh, Dan Starliper, Harry Young, Sally Urban, Shelly Tharp, Marcia Hanifan, Robert Jenkins, Karl Wolfe, Karen Wempe, Paul Allen, Cheryl Layton, and Pat Sherwood.

Anna Mary Walsh called the meeting of the Council to order.

It was MSP that the minutes of the May 18th meeting be approved.

Committee appointees are as follows:

Scholarship: Ken Harbaugh (chair), Robert Jenkins, Elizabeth Shanton, Karen Wempe, Joan Pope, Peg Swisher, and Betty Ecton.

Staff Development: Johnette Jackson (chair), Paul Allen, Nancy Roesel, Pat Sherwood, and Dan Starliper.

Social Events: Mary Beth Sibert (chair), Stacy Wright, Robert Jenkins, and Whitney Cornwell.

Strategic Planning Committee: Melinda Landolt and Barbara Maxwell.

Harry Young reported there was no quorum at the last ACCE BD meeting. Post-SB547 Committee continues to meet to discuss issues. As suggested by one of our employees, the idea of STEPS within each paygrade in classification system was considered, but when discussed at the meeting, it does not appear to be the direction 547 is taking. Mary Clare Eros was approved by the Board of Directors to be added to the Shepherd College Board of Advisors. The Board of Directors did not approve purchase of land in Moorefield for the new Eastern West Virginia Community College. ACCE retreat will be June 30-July 1. The webpage for ACCE is close to completion.

Four additional appointments have been approved for all campus Board of Advisors. Appointees may be nonresidents of West Virginia. The next meeting is in July.

Funds still available, approx. 1200 remains. Discussion of use of funds for cholesterol machine for Health Center and instructional software package for employees were mentioned. Anna Mary will check with David Thompson for information on possible programs. Dan advised submission application for funds ASAP.

Award letters sent to this year's recipients. There are openings on the committee if any classified employee is interested in serving. (Contact Anna Mary Walsh).

No report.

No report


Overtime policy was again discussed. Dan Starliper will talk to the Mr. Perdue and Dr. Dunlop about clarification of the wording in the handbook. The most senior qualified employee at the lowest paygrade in that category will be offered overtime first. He will submit a recommendation at the July meeting to accompany the July CEC minutes. Concerns about posting procedures for available overtime should be referred to Dan Starliper.

Sending minutes and information to members via an email listserver was discussed. Since approx. half of classified employees do not have email access, this was tabled until a future time.

It was noted that minutes from the 5/18 meeting were not sent to Tim Haines for publication on the campus minweb site. Both May's and June's minutes will be placed there ASAP.

Discussion held on what to do with boxes of notes, memos, etc from past several years from previous CEC officers. Anna Mary Walsh, Karen Wempe, Cheryl Layton will cross reference what is already kept as archival copies in the library and dispense with duplication. A system will be developed to maintain the archive for easy accessibility to topics for future reference.


Payroll arrear issue: There being no further information on when this will take effect in the state, it was requested that Harry Young place this item on the next agenda of ACCE.

Date for "Welcome Back" Breakfast was discussed. It was requested the date be selected ASAP so employees off during the summer will have ample time to plan on attending. It was MSP that Aug. 10,11 or 12 be the date for the CE breakfast, with finalization as soon as the date for dining hall availability can be checked.

Karl Wolf asked if CEC was interested in handling the new student mailing for the Admissions Office. This was confirmed. The date will be either Aug 28th or Sept 4th. Anyone wishing to volunteer should contact Ken Harbaugh.

Karen Wempe reported 44 people representing Shepherd College participated in the National Race for the Cure in Washington, DC, raising over $2400. There were 67,000 participants overall. It is hoped this will be a yearly event for Shepherd College. It's not too late to make a contribution. Checks should be made out to Race for the Cure, and sent to Karen Wempe, Science and Mathematics Dept.

The Shepherd College Alumni Association for providing a charter bus for Shepherd participants for the Race for the Cure. Karen Wempe for coordinating advertising, handling early registration for participants, working with Monica Lingenfelter of the Foundation Office in securing the bus for the Race.

Meeting Adjourned. Next meeting July 8, 9:00 AM in the Cumberland Room.


Pat Sherwood

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