Classified Employee Council Minutes

June 1, 2000

Present: Scott Anderson, Brenda Feltner, Geraldine Hammond, Cheryl Layton, Paula Scott, Connie Shirley, Shelley Tharp, Larry Turner, Anna Mary Walsh, Karen Wempe, Deneatta Williams; Guests: Ken Harbaugh, Dr. Sharon Kipetz, Judy Shanholtz, and Stacy Wright.

Anna Mary Walsh, chair, called the meeting to order.

It was MSP that the May 18, 2000, minutes be approved as distributed.

Advisory Council of Classified Employees
Anna Mary attended the joint ACCE meeting in Charleston on May 11 of the state college and university systems' representatives. Senate Bill 653 was discussed and Margaret Buttrick gave the view from the Central Office on how this would affect campuses. Since the bill can have many interpretations, it was decided to have Margaret and Bruce Walker from Central Office meet with the joint ACCEs and do a system-wide perspective (how policies carry over; their charts will show how things will operate under this bill). She stated that as of July 1, 2000, Central Office will no longer exist as currently titled but the rules will carry over. ACCE set the following agenda for the July ACCE meeting: (1) Meet with Legislative leaders about salary schedule (John Thralls and David Ice, Secretary to Education and the Arts, would also be asked to attend); (2) Setting general meeting schedule; (3) Elections; (4) Finalizing Constitution; (5) Brainstorming on staff concerns (noted that many institutions will have the same needs/wishes); (6) Webpage; and (7) Lobbyist (have a representative for higher education classified employees when Legislature is in session). Harry Young will attend his last ACCE meeting on June 11-12.

Board of Advisors
No report.

Scholarship Committee
Karen Wempe reported that a total of $3,500 in scholarships was awarded to children of classified employees this coming academic year.

Staff Development
No report.

Old Business
The 2000-2001 holiday schedule was distributed to all employees.

Anna Mary talked with Dr. Ingle regarding the decision of whether or not a contract will be rebid when ServiceMaster's expires in October. As of May 26, that decision had not yet been made by Executive Staff. When discussing the personal choice of having all Shepherd College employees instead of any contracted employees, he stated we share the same "train of thought" but the problem is the use/availability of "one-time funds" for the labor. If permanent funding were available and we could have additional Shepherd College staff, he agreed things would work a lot better.

A concern of not having someone on-call when electrical/water emergencies arise (evening hours) has been a concern of classified employees. It was stated that this was mentioned at the Buildings and Grounds Committee meeting last month. The committee recommends that someone be hired to be here on campus during weekends and after regular hours for any emergency situations that might arise.

"Contractual issues" were again discussed by Council. It was the consensus that a priority of our Council would be to push for the hiring of more Shepherd employees instead of contractual employees. It was determined that Council still has unanswered questions concerning certain "contractual issues."

New Business
Anna Mary will ask Dr. Dunlop to meet with Council in July and Dr. Ingle in August. Anna Mary is also trying to set up a special meeting with area legislators in July which will be open to the campus.

Larry Turner suggested that departments on campus be given visitor passes that could be distributed to visitors in their areas. Security personnel could then check to see if the passes are legitimate by calling the department designated on the pass. This would be less of a hassle for security personnel, since tickets are given if there is no sticker or temporary pass on the vehicle. After discussion, it was MSP that Council contact the chief of security to consider distribution of guest parking passes to departmental heads.

Judy Shanholtz met with Council to answer any questions that members had concerning which budgets paid for certain maintenance and grounds improvements. This led to a discussion of other questions dealing with the ServiceMaster contract. Anna Mary will send a memo to Dr. Ingle for information on those questions.

Council welcomed Dr. Sharon Kipetz to the meeting. Dr. Kipetz gave Council the following update on Student Affairs:

They are currently doing a national search for an Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs (a nonclassified position) to replace Harry Young who will be here through October. The new person would begin work on September 1, so Harry will have a chance to train his successor.

They are also currently doing a national search for Haydon Rudolf's replacement. The title of this position is Judicial Program Manager, (a classified position, pay grade 17). Rachael Meads and Mary Beth Sibert have taken over some of the duties that Haydon used to do.

Student Affairs also needs to hire a new Administrative Secretary Senior (a classified position, pay grade 12) to replace Monica Cutrer. Dr. Kipetz encourages qualified personnel on campus to apply.

Student Affairs is not renewing its food service contract with Litton. A national search will be done to hire a dining hall manager. This person will be a Shepherd College employee (a nonclassified position). Dr. Kipetz also encourages any qualified personnel on campus to apply for this position.

She announced that Bill Lucht will be moving full-time to Shepherd's Community and Technical College. Student Affairs will have a vacancy for Director of Counseling Services.

Student Affairs is also moving toward putting student room assignments on Banner so that it integrates with the Registrar's Office and the Business Office.

Dr. Kipetz stated that they will be asking for a three percent increase in student fees this year and next year. Student Affairs is revenue generated and only that money can go into repairing residence halls. The residence halls are not only in need of facial repairs, but are also in need of major repairs to roofs, plumbing, and heating/air conditioning problems.

Dr. Kipetz addressed the issue as to what the resident assistant's role is in cleaning up when a student is sick in the residence hall. She stated that the resident assistants are not trained in handling bodily fluids, that there is a person hired on nights and weekends to specifically take care of this problem. The resident assistants are to try and find the student who caused the problem. She did say that a resident assistant's job is to (1) Build community; (2) Create cohesive order on the floors in which they live; (3) Help students adapt to college living; and (4) Enforce the rules and regulations of the residence halls.

In this discussion, it was stated that building service workers have not had extensive safety training for removal of bodily fluids from floors/residence hall bathrooms, etc. Although there is a material to place on these "accidents" to help in removal, the Council believes that specific information and training should be provided by our contracted company, ServiceMaster, to handle this persistent problem of removal from these areas.

Council thanked Dr. Kipetz for her informative presentation regarding the Student Affairs Office.

Ken Harbaugh suggested that anyone who wishes to serve on committees should contact Anna Mary (by July 1). The committees are Buildings and Grounds, Scholarship, Staff Development, and Social Events.

Ken Harbaugh also reminded Council members and at-large committee members that they do receive compensatory time or adjusted work week to attend Classified Employees Council meetings and committee meetings. Staff needs to submit the proper paperwork in order to have this time recorded.

The next Classified Employees Council meeting will be Thursday, July 6, at 9 a.m. in the Cumberland Room.

It was MSP that the meeting be adjourned at 11:45 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Brenda J. Feltner
Classified Employees Council Secretary

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