Classified Employee Council Minutes

July 12, 2001

Present: David Cage (alternate), Brenda Feltner, Tim Haines, Cheryl Layton, Steve Parrotte, Paul Schwan, Dan Starliper, Larry Turner, Anna Mary Walsh, and Karl Wolf. Guests: Ken Harbaugh, Dr. Sharon Kipetz, and Peg Swisher.

Anna Mary Walsh, chair, called the meeting to order.

It was M/S/P to approve the June 14, 2001, minutes as distributed.

Association of Concerned Classified Employees
Anna Mary attended the June 28 ACCE meeting. See attachment of question/answers when Chancellor Mullen met with ACCE.

A joint meeting of ACCE and Advisory Council of Faculty was set for Canaan Valley on July 29-31st.

It was MSP that ACCE present the following proposal to the Chancellor and HEPC at the June 29th meeting: "The institutions are to establish a three-year salary policy to cause even and significant annual progress resulting in the full implementation of the new salary schedule, including movement of employees below the equity step."

Board of Advisors
Because Shelley Tharp moved to a nonclassified position in the Office of Finance and Facilities, Dan Starliper was unanimously elected to be the classified representative to the Shepherd College Board of Advisors for the coming year. Dan distributed the minutes for the June 25, 2001, Board of Advisors meeting. His report is attached.

Anna Mary will give Dan a letter to submit to the Board of Advisors that will describe who classified employees are. She read this letter to the Council and asked for changes or recommendations.

Scholarship Committee
Peg Swisher, chair, reported that a total of seven students submitted applications for awards, three of whom decided not to attend Shepherd. Students receiving classified employees' scholarships were Amber Branch, Antyon Lee, Sara Phillips, and Sherry Shirley. A total of $4,496 was awarded to these four students. It was M/S/P that Council accept these four recipients receiving awards.

Peg and Ken Harbaugh emphasized that these scholarships are awarded totally on a point system. They are based on figures received from the Registrar's, Admissions, and Financial Aid Offices. Scholarships are never awarded because of personalities. Students cannot be awarded more scholarship money than their need as determined by the Financial Aid Office. If anyone ever has any questions regarding how these scholarships are awarded, please contact any member of the Scholarship Committee.

Staff Development
No report.

Buildings and Grounds
Ken Harbaugh reported that two subcommittees have been created. They are Campus Amenities (Grounds) and Campus Infrastructure (Buildings). Please contact Sherry Clem (Ext. 5216) if you are interested in serving on either of these subcommittees.

No report.

Master Plan
Dr. Sharon Kipetz discussed ideas dealing with the Student Affairs area from the Master Plan which has to be submitted to Charleston by August 1. Some ideas were moving all residence halls and student services to the west campus, constructing a parking garage behind Ikenberry (in the pit), and eventually making the west campus the main campus. Dr. Kipetz said that some of the ideas were good ones, but that she thought others were not.

Old Business
Anna Mary contacted Dr. Dunlop regarding the Rt. 480 crosswalk, but she has not yet heard anything from him. Karl Wolf suggested that we talk to the state Department of Highways engineer who would be at Reynolds Hall today for an open meeting regarding the new bridge to be built across the Potomac River.

Dr. Kipetz suggested that the student government and alumni affairs be contacted regarding some funding for the inground lighting which Council would like to see installed at the Rt. 480 crosswalk.

Because funds were allocated to Shepherdstown from the Budget Digest, it was suggested that Anna Mary contact Delegate John Doyle to see if some of that appropriation is to pay for the in-road flashing light system.

Anna Mary asked for clarification regarding the campus communications from External Affairs and Human Resources Offices. Tim Haines will create and maintain a Shepherd Web Calendar that will be located on Shepherdıs main Web page. There will be a one-week deadline for items that need to be put on this calendar. Dan Starliper's office will be taking over the listserve for faculty and staff, but it will be used for emergency purposes only (such as the closing of school). This process will replace the listserves which were handled by Lashan Holmes (for faculty) and Anna Mary Walsh (for staff) this past year.

Anna Mary distributed to Council members the Classified Employees Council Committee list which is attached to these minutes.

Ken Harbaugh distributed copies of the revised Classified Employees Council Constitution. The biggest change was under Article IV, C & D, regarding terms of office and changing Board of Advisors to Board of Governors. It was M/S/P to accept the adjustments to the Classified Employees Council Constitution because of changes in the state code.

New Business
Karl Wolf asked whether the classified employees are interested in doing the Admissions Office bulk mailing project this fall. Council decided that this was a great way to earn money for the Classified Employees' Children's Scholarship Fund. Anna Mary asked Ken Harbaugh if would once again oversee this project. This will probably take place in early September on a Saturday morning.

Anna Mary distributed a listing of all non-classified employees from 1999-2000 and 2000-2001. More classified staff being hired as non-classified staff or being moved to non-classified positions continues to be a growing concern with the Council.

Anna Mary has invited Dr. Dunlop to our August 14 Council meeting.

Anna Mary then introduced Dr. Sharon Kipetz to the Council. Dr. Kipetz informed Council of the following staff additions and departures:
Joe Jefferson joined us as the Director of Co-op;
Robert Dotson is the new Director of Multicultural Student Affairs;
Libby Shanton is the new Residence Life Coordinator/Fraternity and Sorority Affairs Coordinator. Her office is located in the Residence Life Office;
Patti Steves is the Director of Career Development and will be arriving in mid-July;
James Veldman is the new Director of Dining Services, and his first day will be July 23;
Donald Rohl is the new Director of the College Center and will be here the beginning of August.
Donna Felker resigned to take a position in Fauquier County, Virginia.

Dr. Kipetz also updated Council on other happenings in Student Affairs:
Gateway funding has been approved but with no increase.
Project EXCEL funding was given directly to the community instead of to the college (but will continue to operate at the Shepherdstown Youth Center).
Dining services and multicultural affairs report directly to her.
Rachael Meads will report to the new Director of the College Center.
Judy Brandenburg has done a great job in her role as acting College Center Director.
Career Services will be moving down to Gardiner as soon as the Community/Technical College leaves.
Career Services will be taking on the advisement for nondeclared majors.
The two Directors of Residence Life were made nonclassified because Dr. Kipetz tried to get them upgraded in the state classification system, but these upgrades were denied.
There will be a reorganization in Residence Life.
Dr. Kipetz will begin the year with a full staff, and she's very excited about that fact.
All residence halls were painted by student paint crews this summer. They also planted flowers around the residence halls.
She also stated that no one in Student Affairs receives free food. If anyone is getting free food, please let Dr. Kipetz know.

Anna Mary thanked Dr. Kipetz for her very informative presentation regarding the Student Affairs area.

There being no further business, it was M/S/P to adjourn the meeting at 11:50 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Brenda J. Feltner
Classified Employees' Council Secretary

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