Classified Employee Council Minutes


Present: Anna Mary Walsh, Dan Starliper, Harry Young, Cheryl Layton, Robert Jenkins, Ricky Clark, Brenda Feltner, Marcia Hanifan, Ken Harbaugh, Paul Allen, Karl Wolf, Pat Sherwood

Anna Mary Walsh called the meeting to order. MSP to approve the June minutes.


Board of Advisors:
Dan Starliper stated that the Board would be meeting next week.

Harry Young stated that the agenda dealt with Series 62--Personnel Policy Bulletin: Critical Retention. He explained that this called for a salary above what is listed in the salary schedule where a position is considered (critical). ACCE had concerns against this because it averts the system now in place, it could be detrimental to morale, and lacks a concept of internal equity. Since there have been discussions that positions are being reviewed through market trends, this may continue to be discussed. He stated that ACCE wishes to concentrate on the salary schedule as a priority. The ACCE Web page continues to be under construction. Watch this space for the address upon completion.

Board of Directors:
Harry was reelected chair, Amy Pitzer (Concord College), Vice Chair, Sheila Hunt (Central Office), Secretary.

Social Committee
Date for the "Welcome Back Breakfast" still not certain. The "Breakfast" will be a noontime picnic. Watch your mail for a flyer with the date, time and location.

Scholarship Committee
Ken Harbargh, acting chair, Joan Pope, Karen Wempe, Libby Shanton, Peg Swisher, Robert Jenkins, & Betty Crampton. The committee will be meeting soon. Payroll deductions for the scholarship fund can still be made--call Ken Harbaugh, or any of the committee members for information. If you have any ideas for fundraisers for the scholarship committee, call any of the members.

Old Business:
Cheryl Layton reports the "boxes of notes, memos, etc." from past council officers, was mainly old minutes which are now being bound in order and two archival copies will be stored at the library.

Overtime Policy
President Dunlop will present the minor changes/clarification of the overtime policy to the Senior Staff prior to approving them and amending the employee handbook.

New Business
Paul Allen will be taking over the representative's position from Category 6. He requests that Category 6 be merged with Category 7, since category 6 has a small number of employees from which to pool representation. The pros of this merge will be a larger group, the cons -- the group will loose a representative, due to the number of members. It was decided that further thought and discussion is needed on this subject.

Concerns were brought to the council by members regarding drastic changes throughout the campus grounds, such as the removal of bushes, painting of benches, etc. MSP that the council would draft a letter expressing these concerns to Dr. Dunlop, cc to Dr. Ingle.

Farewells to Sandy Castle, Residence Life, Stephanie Eannottie, Residence Life, Areta Bonnel, Maintenance, Tammy Mount, IITTD.

MSP meeting adjourned. Next meeting August 12, 9 AM, Cumberland Room.


Pat Sherwood

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