Classified Employee Council Minutes

July 6, 2000

Present: Paul Allen, David Cage (alternate), Brenda Feltner, Geraldine Hammond, Cheryl Layton, Steve Parrotte, Paula Scott, Libby Shanton, Connie Shirley, Nan Gunther-Snyder (alternate), Dan Starliper, Shelley Tharp, Larry Turner, Karen Wempe, Deneatta Williams; Guests: Dr. David Dunlop, Ken Harbaugh, and Carolyn Kerr.

Shelley Tharp, assistant chair, called the meeting to order.

It was MSP that under Old Business, the first sentence of paragraph three, in the June 1, 2000, minutes be amended to read as follows: A problem of not having someone available on campus at all times for emergency services has been a concern of classified employees.... After this correction, it was MSP that the June 1, 2000, minutes be approved as distributed.

Advisory Council of Classified Employees
Anna Mary will leave on Sunday, July 9, for a two-day meeting in Charleston. The ACCEs are trying to meet with legislators while they are in Charleston on interims at the same time. Anna Mary does not see this happening, but there are other ACCE agenda items they will be discussing.

Board of Advisors
Dan Starliper reported that the Shepherd College Board of Advisors met on June 15, 2000, at Popodicon. The minutes of that meeting are attached.

Scholarship Committee
No report.

Staff Development
No report.

Old Business
Regarding the visitor parking permits being given to departments on campus to distribute, Grover Boyer, Director of Public Safety, sent the following response to Anna Mary: "We will do better at marking spaces and we also will have way-finders (2 ordered with 4 more approved) that will tell people to go to Public Safety for a permit."

It was decided to table the committee assignments since Anna Mary makes these appointments.

New Business
Shelley distributed to Council members the Helpern Draft Questionnaire. Shelley asked Dr. Dunlop if he knew anything about this. He informed us that the campus is three years late in updating the campus master plan. This had been delayed to put the academic strategic plan in place. This questionnaire is used as a guide as to where new buildings will be placed on campus when money becomes available. It's also used as a guide for the mission of the college, goals to reach, threats to the campus, marketing the campus, and advertising campaigns. They need broad input from the campus community. We can expect a final report in October.

Shelley then introduced Dr. David Dunlop, President of Shepherd College, who discussed some major issues on the campus agenda:

A memo would be distributed to the campus to announce that we have hired a consultant to perform an assessment of our procurement operation. David Taylor of the Washington, DC-based Kaludis Consulting Group will visit the campus on July 26, 27, and 28. Marie Carter is overseeing this project, so please let her know if you would like to meet with Mr. Taylor.

Another important issue is the move of the Community and Technical College to Martinsburg. This will give the community college its own identity and will be closer to the center of the business community. Senate Bill 653 encourages separation of the community college from the four-year college; however, there needs to be new money to create this separation. This separation will occur whenever money becomes available.

A budget cut of 3 percent will continue into the new fiscal year. Shepherd will possibly give back around $350,000. Shepherd could approach these cuts in one of three ways: (1) Cut 3 percent across campus; (2) Vary the 3 percent cuts across campus; or (3) Transfer the 3 percent cut to a capital budget. The executive staff has not yet made a decision.

The Budget Digest was pretty much as expected. Clinton Davis's IITTD program was not funded.

Regarding Reynold's Hall, CATF would like to try and raise money to restore it to its original state. CATF received a grant from the Benedum Foundation to have an assessment of Reynold's Hall completed. In the course of reviewing and assessing Reynold's Hall, severe damage in the north wall was discovered which has now temporarily closed the building. The cost of these short-term repairs could exceed $100,000.

Public announcements for bids on the library addition went out. Construction will begin as early as September. This will be a large but beautiful addition to our campus. When construction begins, it will take 75-80 parking places. They are considering temporary parking around and behind the dining hall and at the entrance to west campus drive. The parking committee is now working on some alternative places to park.

Dr. Dunlop discussed Senate Bill 653 which redesigned the governance of the state's higher education system. Governor Underwood made appointments to the Higher Education Policy Commission and the Higher Education Interim Governing Board. To date, no one from the Eastern Panhandle has been appointed to the Policy Commission. The Governor also appointed members to the Shepherd College Board of Advisors, terms ending June 30, 2001.

A question was asked whether Dr. Dunlop had heard anything regarding the crosswalk. He has not heard anything for three or four months.

Ken Harbaugh commented that he was concerned about the sacrificing of classified positions for contractual personnel. Ken hopes that budget cuts will not affect classified employee positions. Dr. Dunlop stated that new legislation allows for the current cap of nonclassified employees to be doubled. Ken stated that the wage difference between nonclassified and classified employees is a major concern.

Dr. Dunlop was questioned about the Service Master contract and if he had any insight as to what was going to happen. He said the majority of this contract is a management contract, and Shepherd will go with the most cost-effective solution. Dr. Dunlop was also asked if Shepherd College employees received the management training that was stated in the contract. He made note to check on this.

There being no further questions or comments for Dr. Dunlop, Shelley thanked him for informing Council on the major campus issues.

The next Classified Employees Council meeting will be Thursday, August 3, at 9 a.m. in the Cumberland Room. Dr. Alan Ingle will be our guest at this meeting.

It was MSP that the meeting be adjourned at 10:45 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Brenda J. Feltner
Classified Employees Council Secretary

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