Classified Employee Council Minutes

January 21, 2003

Present: Brenda Feltner, Tim Haines, Geraldine Hammond, Steve Parrotte, Joy Phillips, Dan Starliper, Peggy Swinston-Rivera, Patt Welsh, and Karl Wolf. Guests: Ken Harbaugh, Myra Newbraugh, Anna Mary Walsh, and Dan Yanna. Not Present: Bonita Brooks, Paul Schwan, Paula Scott, Phyllis Taylor, and Deneatta Williams.

Tim Haines, chair, called the meeting to order.

It was M/S/P that the December 10, 2002, minutes be approved as distributed.

Advisory Council of Classified Employees
Tim Haines reported that he received no nominations from classified employees for the ACCE representative.

Board of Governors
Dan Starliper reported on the December 12, 2002, and January 9, 2003, Board meetings. His reports are attached.

Staff Development
Nancy Roesel sent Tim a staff development report. The amount of funds approved for use was $8,143.49. This leaves a balance of $11,468.51 in the classified employees staff development fund. Approximately 30 staff members have requested funds.

Ken Harbaugh announced that the Classified Employees Childrenıs Scholarship Guidelines and Application are attached to these minutes. All applications are due to the Financial Aid Office by March 14, 2003. If you have any questions regarding this application, please contact him or any member of the Scholarship Committee.

Buildings and Grounds
Ken Harbaugh reported that they met last week. He stated that there was more response to the Facility Survey this year than last year. Dan Yanna updated Council on the construction projects:

  • The library is at 70% demolition.
  • Regarding the parking in the rear of the library, they have squeezed the fence in so that staff/faculty could have about ten more spaces.
  • They broke ground for the new field house.
  • The bid for the Frank Center addition is in, but there is no signed contract yet.
  • The parking lot behind West Woods is still in the design/developmental stage.
  • The asbestos removal on first floor Knutti Hall will continue this summer.
  • The dining hall boilers will be replaced. This will also affect Kenamond and Turner.
  • A lot of these construction projects are funded by bonding.

    Peggy Swinston-Rivera reported that they have not met for a while but would be meeting in February.

    Special Events
    Anna Mary reported that they are still working on morale. Look for something around Valentines Day.

    Old Business
    Dan Starliper reported that he still has not received the job family slots for the custodial positions. There will be raises in the physical plant area because the lowest pay grade position will be a 7.

    New Business
    College Day will be held on February 4 at the capitol for our state legislators.

    Ken Harbaugh distributed the Classified Employees by EEO Category sheet for Council members to peruse for possible Council nominations.

    Alan Perdue and Dan Starliper are revising the Classified Employee Handbook. It has been sent to the presidentıs cabinet for review.

    Council discussed the recent passage of a bill in the WV House of Delegates dealing with the closing of several state colleges and using any money that would be saved to offset the workmen's compensation debt. After much discussion, it was M/S/P that our Classified Council send a letter to the Eastern Panhandle delegates who voted for this bill expressing our disappointment in their not supporting higher education and a letter of appreciation to Delegate Dale Manuel for voting against this bill.

    Dan Yanna reported that Facilities would have to deplete six vehicles from Shepherd's motor pool because of a mandate from Governor Wise. He thinks he can do it.

    Ken Harbaugh said that Council might want to consider setting up a committee to make recommendations regarding budget cuts. Dan Starliper thinks that the Council needs to take a proactive approach in these cuts.

    Karl Wolf requested that Council send to all classified employees a Readers Legislative Survey that he took from The Charleston Gazette. He felt that this was an important survey that would be a quick way to let the WV Legislature know what issues are significant to each of us.

    Tim introduced Myra Newbraugh, our campus IT Training Specialist, who spoke with Council as to where classified staff wants to go with training. Please promote IT training to other classified staff. Please e-mail Myra ( with any ideas or suggestions of any IT classes that are needed. Peggy Swinston-Rivera suggested that refresher courses are needed for the library staff.

    The next Council meeting will be Tuesday, Feb 18, at 9 a.m. in the Cumberland Room.

    There being no further business, it was M/S/P to adjourn the meeting at 10:25 a.m.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Brenda J. Feltner
    Classified Employees Council Secretary

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