Classified Employee Council Minutes

January 4, 2001

Present: Paul Allen, Scott Anderson, Brenda Feltner, Johnette Jackson, Cheryl Layton, Steve Parrotte (alternate), Paula Scott, Libby Shanton, Dan Starliper, Shelley Tharp, Larry Turner, Anna Mary Walsh, Guests: Dr. David Dunlop, Ken Harbaugh, and Dan Yanna.

Anna Mary Walsh, chair, called the meeting to order.

It was M/S/P that the December 7, 2000, minutes be approved as distributed.

Association of Concerned Classified Employees
ACCE is still trying to set up a meeting with Senate Education Chair Lloyd Jackson to help him understand the concerns of classified employees in the state before the Legislature convenes. The tentative date is January 23rd. We will still have our monthly meeting on that date, even if he cannot attend. ACCE also met with the Higher Education Policy Commission (HEPC) at Marshall University in December to try and help HEPC become familiar with who classified employees are.

Board of Advisors
No report.

Scholarship Committee
Ken Harbaugh reminded Council members that the Classified Employees Children's Scholarship guidelines and application will be attached to the January minutes. All applications are due to the Financial Aid Office by March 1, 2001. Ken stated that the committee hopes to award more scholarships this year with Pell-eligible children receiving the majority of scholarship money.

Staff Development
Johnette reported that the customer service clusters will begin on January 5 with the library personnel. These are two-hour seminars with Rie Wilson as facilitator.

A question was asked about when there would be cholesterol testing. Johnette will check on this.

Buildings and Grounds Committee
This committee has not met according to Dan Yanna. He reported that there are some problems with the elevator construction in Knutti Hall that will delay the nursing and art classes from moving back in until around March 15. The library project is moving along smoothly with no major obstacles thus far.

Social Events
A large crowd turned out for the Classified Employees Annual Christmas luncheon on December 13. A BIG THANK YOU to the dining hall/catering staff for the delicious meal and to Mary Beth Sibert for coordinating this event.

Compact meetings have been going on for the two-year and the four-year colleges. The two-year and four-year college compacts will be put on reserve in the Scarborough Library for Council members to review, recommend specific changes, or approve BEFORE JANUARY 15th.

Old Business
A meeting to discuss the route 480 crosswalk will be held on Tuesday, January 9, at 1 p.m. in room 104, Knutti Hall. Attending this meeting will be Larry Deitz of the WV Division of Highways, Jim Schmitt of the Shepherdstown Town Council, Dr. Dunlop, Dan Yanna, Grover Boyer, a student representative, and representatives from the Classified Council. Dr. Dunlop stated that we need to find something cost effective to make the crosswalk safer. He also stated that faculty, staff, and students should all set an example by driving the speed limit and stopping for anyone in or approaching the crosswalk.

Regarding Council's concern that certain employees might be getting free meals, coffee, drinks, etc., in the Ramıs Den and the dining hall, Bob Maidhoff contacted Anna Mary and replied that no one receives free meals. He stated that if some of the Student Affairs staff come in as a group, they make arrangements with him to bill that office.

Listed below are responses to Anna Mary from Dan Yanna regarding the following concerns:

  • Snow removal from parking spaces - ServiceMaster's intention is to remove snow so it will not inconvenience anyone. They are prepared to clear between 8-10" and a fall-back plan is being developed which may involve using additional vendors.

  • Sprinkler in Turner Hall trash chutes and trash problem - A sprinkler system cannot be placed in the existing chutes because they are undersized by code. A properly-sized chute needs to be developed. Dan and Wally will take a walk-through in Turner Hall to investigate the trash problem.

  • Janitorial supplies - If orders are going in on Tuesday, he doesn't know why they are not delivered. He will talk to Wally. If there is a lack of supplies, it is not because ServiceMaster is not providing them. Shepherd buys the paper products. If there is an issue of no supplies available on campus, this needs to be addressed by the staff to Wally so it can be corrected.

  • ServiceMaster contract - We are still on a monthly schedule. Dan continues to analyze the "real situation." He is currently reading the feedback information from the staff. If contract is re-bid, ServiceMaster knows he is concerned with a cost issue.

    It was noted that hardly any donations have been given to Ken Harbaugh for the "Buy a Brick" Campaign. PLEASE, PLEASE SEND YOUR DONATION TO KEN AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

    New Business
    Ken Harbaugh mentioned that the Emeritus Committee needs to meet again to consider any retired classified employee who has at least twenty years of service at Shepherd College and who has been actively involved in life of Shepherd College. Anna Mary appointed Ken Harbaugh as chair of the Emeritus Committee with Brenda Feltner, Dan Starliper, and Agnes Tabler as members.

    It was recommended that retirees receive free meals at the annual Classified Employees Christmas luncheon. After discussion, it was decided that Council has no way of funding this, and that all employees were getting a delicious meal for a great price.

    There being no further business, it was M/S/P that the business portion of our meeting be adjourned at 10:15 a.m.

    Anna Mary then introduced Dr. David Dunlop, President of Shepherd College. Dr. Dunlop informed Council members on the following items:

  • Regarding the compacts, Shepherd is doing in six months what other states have done in two years. These compacts will be guides for the institution for the next six years. The compacts have replaced the strategic plans.

  • Under Senate Bill 653, funding is still not clear. He is uncertain who will set tuition and fees for next year. Fairmont is creating a two-tiered tuition, as the community college's tuitions are to be lower than the four-year college's tuitions. Dr. Dunlop is in favor of charging everyone as close as possible the same tuition for the good of the institution.

  • Regarding Reverend Lyles's position, Dr. Dunlop does not think that upgrading this to a vice presidency is in the best interest of the college. It will, however, be advertised as a non-classified position.

  • The library addition received six million new dollars before the Christmas holidays; however, not all will be used for construction. About three million dollars will be put into an endowed fund for use in hiring some people to staff the Congressional part of the library. Council was concerned whether these people will be hired as Shepherd personnel (using our pay scale) or as Federal government personnel. Dr. Dunlop hopes these employees can be hired as Shepherd employees. This is something that will have to be worked out.

  • The position of Vice President for Administration and Finance has been advertised. Dr. Marie Carter is chair of the search committee. With regard to this position, Ken Harbaugh asked what shape Shepherd is in concerning budgets, finance, and our reserve funds. Dr. Dunlop responded that personnel changes have been made, holes plugged, and that we are not in the red but solvent.

  • A question was asked whether Shepherd would have to provide security services for the Community College when it moves to the Blue Ridge building in Martinsburg. Dr. Dunlop stated that we will need to provide some type of minimal security in that building, but we also hope to rely somewhat on the Martinsburg City Police.

  • Another question was asked concerning dining hall upgrades or a new dining hall. Dr. Dunlop replied that this is not a top priority at this time, but he sympathizes with the dining hall employees and suggests that they talk to Dr. Kipetz about this.

    Respectfully submitted,
    Brenda J. Feltner
    Classified Employees Council Secretary

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