Classified Employee Council Minutes


Present: Marcia Hanifan, Robert Jenkins, Pat Sherwood, Dan Starliper, Shelley Tharp, Sally Urban, Anna Mary Walsh, Karen Wempe, Karl Wolfe, Paul Allen, Cheryl Layton, Robert Jenkins. GUESTS: Ken Harbaugh , Elizabeth Shanton, Dr. Ingle, Alan Perdue, James Vigil.

Anna Mary Walsh called the meeting of the Council to order.

Minutes of 12/9/99 were approved as read.

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no report

Funds still available. Also, individualized computer training available. See attached.

More money than ever before to award. The Committee would like to make the following changes in the award process:
1. Awarding 2/3 of funds raised in past year
2. Applicants are divided into two groups:
a. Those eligible for Pell Grant
b. Those ineligible for Pell Grant
3. Awards given based on 70% need, 30% academic grades & test scores.
4. * Recommending that Classified Employees Council approve change in guidelines of minimal award given (from $250 to $100 so more students can benefit).
MSP that the Scholarship Committee's guidelines be amended to change minimal award from $250 down to $100.

Anyone with questions may contact any member of the Scholarship Committee. (Karen Wempe, Chair; Shelley Tharp, Libby Shanton, Robert Jenkins, Betty Ecton, Peg Swisher, Ken Harbaugh. Eligible individuals are encouraged to apply for funds! SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION IS ATTACHED TO THESE MINUTES.

PAYROLL DEDUCTIONS! If you are not yet making this "painless" contribution to the scholarship fund, call any of the scholarship committee members today! No deduction too small!

Ken Harbaugh stated that Sen. John Unger was impressed with the idea of having a bill where the state would match the amount of payroll deductions by each institution for employee scholarships. He will present the idea to the legislators.

Social Committee:
The Christmas luncheon was a big success. To have a more accurate count and to make accommodations for the great number of participants, it was suggested that responses be conducted via email, as well as telephone.

Buildings and Grounds Committee:
Next meeting: January 26th. If you have any concerns, please pass them on to Grover Boyer.

Old Business:
The Rt. 480 crosswalk...meeting Jan 18th with SGA Executive Board and Bob Amtower, Division of Highways. Dr. Ingle stated that a recommendation for a signaling system, with flashing lights in the pavement, (activated when a button is pushed by the pedestrian) had been sent to the DOH. This will be brought up at this meeting.

Need Assessment Survey results attached.

Tip of the Council Hat to: Mary Beth Sibert for her hard work coordinating the Christmas Luncheon and Catering, and Dining Hall staff for a great meal. David Thompson, James Vigil and Sandy Collier for their efforts in getting the One Card system up and running. All the classified employees who were called upon to help during the peace talks and the flood in the Butcher Center. Thanks everyone for your extra efforts!

Ellissa Woodbrey---Residence Life
Monica Cutrer---Student Affairs
James Dayhoff---Computer Center
Michael Reese----Computer Center

New Business:
Anna Mary stated that Sen. Unger would like to have a list of those prescriptions used by Shepherd employees which are not covered under our prescription plan. PLEASE FORWARD THIS INFORMATION TO ANNA MARY IMMEDIATELY SO SHE CAN FORWARD IT TO HIM.

MSP to adjourn business meeting to begin meeting with Alan Ingle, Alan Perdue, and James Vigil on campus concerns of employees.

Thursday, February 10th at 9:00 a.m. in the Cumberland Room.

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