Classified Employee Council Minutes

February 9, 1999

Present: Marcia Hanifan, Ken Harbaugh, Johnette Jackson, Robert Jenkins, Melinda Landolt (guest), Cheryl Layton, Barbara Maxwell (guest), Johnny Myers, Dan Starliper, Agnes Tabler, Sally Urban, Karen Wempe, Karl Wolf

Dan Starliper called the meeting of the Council to order.

Melinda Landolt and Barbara Maxwell
They are our representatives from the Classified Employees on the Strategic Planning Committee. The following update was given.

STRATEGIC PLAN: The last comprehensive strategic plan was done in 1987 (this doesn't include the plan submitted to address Senate Bill 547). This is to be a 10-year plan including all aspects of the college including programs and buildings. The committee represents students, faculty, staff, administrators, and community members. Eight subcommittees were formed with 20 members each. The subcommittees need to submit plans by March 31st. The total plan needs to be submitted by the end of May. The subcommittees include: Community & Technical College; Budget, Finance & Development, External Affairs; Physical Plant & Facilities Management; Computing Services; Assessment Task Force; Technology Oversight; and Student Support Services (Academic Support, Student Life, and Athletics). The mission statement is being revised. The subcommittees are working with the S.W.O.T.s Method (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats). Please forward any comments, especially strengths and opportunities to Melinda Landolt (Ext. 5419, mlandolt) or Barbara Maxwell (Ext. 5424, bmaxwell)

It was MSP that the minutes of the January 12, 1999 meeting be approved.

PEIA is a hot subject for discussion in Charleston these days. The consensus seems to be that the financial situation is such that we will have to share some of the increased costs of health care. This will probably come in the form of higher co-pays and higher deductibles. There was a bill introduced removing the cap on increment pay for all state employees except higher education classified employees. One of the sponsors's of the bill is in the process of amending the bill to include higher education classified employees. It was suggested that WVEA members could put some pressure on Tom Lang. WVEA could take this issue to court if necessary because it is a form of age discrimination. The next meeting of ACCE will be March 10 in Charleston.

They will meet next week.

There is $9300 available in the budget for staff development.

No report. Contact Financial Aid, Sandy Collier, or Ken Harbaugh for a Classified Employee Scholarship application if needed. The deadline is March 1.

The annual meeting and election will be held on April 13. Lunch will be at noon with the meeting following at 1 p.m. The list of category members will be included with the March minutes.

Old Business:

President Dunlop accepted the recommendation to have the floating holiday added to the December totals. This day needs to be used by June 30 for those employees who are maxed out on leave.

New Business:

The concept that some employees were given free meals/coffee at the Dining Hall and Ram's Den was once again a topic of concern for some employees. D. Starpliper talked to the President Dunlop about this issue.

All classified employees are encouraged to attend the open sessions of the VP interviews and fill out evaluations.

Carol Boyd, Student Affairs
Aretta Bonnell, Maintenance

The next meeting will be Tuesday, March 9 @ 9 a.m.


Sally E. Urban

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