Classified Employee Council Minutes

February 11, 1998

Members Present: Dan Starliper, Robert Jenkins, Paula Scott, Geraldine Hammond, Agnes Tabler, Ken Harbaugh, Harry Young, Karen Wempe (alternate), Paul Allen, Anna Mary Walsh, and Marsha Branch.

Mrs. Walsh welcomed Dr. Mark Stern to the meeting.

Dr. Stern informed the Council that Dr. Dunlop presented the Strategic Plan Update in Charleston and it was well received. He stated that the president will be having a meeting to update the campus community. There was a question as to whether or not the strategic plan had a time limit. Dr. Stern stated that 2000-2001 is the last year under the 5 year plan.

Phi Kappa Phi has been on campus to determine if a chapter will be established at Shepherd. We should know something in March.

Dr. Stern reported that the exit interview with NCATE went well. Dave Smith, the NCATE consultant, stated that he has not seen a college fail accreditation with the kind of writeup we were given. The final decision should be received soon.

Enrollment has risen. According to Dr. Stern there are several new programs being introduced. The faculty and administration are confident that the response will be good.

Dr. Stern reported that Academic Affairs is doing well. The new Financial Aid Director, Mrs. Elizabeth Sturm, will begin on February 16.

Dr. Cooper will no longer serve as chair of the Education Department and Teacher Education. The Education Department will select a new chair and there will be a search for a teacher education director.

Dr. Stern thanked the Council for inviting him to speak at the meeting.

The meeting was called to order by Anna Mary Walsh.

The minutes of the January 14, 1998 meeting were approved as distributed.

The annual increment will probably not go through again this year. ACCE will meet with senators and delegates to discuss concerns specifically in connection with the annual increment. PEIA premiums are probably going to increase due to rising health cost. The number one priority of ACCE this year is continued funding of the (Mercer) classification salary schedule.

There is a meeting scheduled on Friday, February 13, at 4 p.m. Agenda items deal with minor fee increases and the vacancy on the board which has not been filled.

No report.

The application and guidelines were attached to the last minutes. March 1st is the deadline for applying for scholarship money. Awards will hopefully be made earlier this year. There are no activities planned in the near future to raise money. It is not too late to have payroll deduction for the Shepherd College Classified Employees Scholarship Fund.

Dan Starliper is a representative to the Shepherd College Foundation board since he has faculty status. President Dunlop is allowed to appoint four faculty to the Board. Ken Harbaugh met with Dr. Moler, Jim Davis, and Monica Lingenfelter. He explained the situation about not having any classified employees on the Shepherd College Foundation Board. They are willing to consider an amendment to allow the president to appoint four members, one of whom will be a classified staff member. Also discussed was the possibility of having the Classified Council appoint one person. Directors usually serve for four years and can serve indefinitely. The Board will contact the Council after their April meeting concerning the approval of this proposal.

Mrs. Walsh talked to Ms. Laura Neal, moderator, concerning meetings of the Cabinet. Laura stated that she has been in touch with Dr. Kevin Williams, secretary, and there have been no agenda items that would call for a meeting of the Cabinet.

Mail delivery to housekeeping has gotten better.

There will be a representative from TIAA-CREF on campus Wednesday, February 18th, to discuss disability insurance. All staff are eligible to enroll for this insurance and the deadline for enrolling is February 27, 1998. In order to collect the disability benefit you must be disabled for 6 months. You will receive 60% of your yearly income. It will also pay your TIAA-CREF contribution while you are disabled. The weakness of this insurance is that you must exhaust all of your leave before you qualify for disability.

There has been an incidence or two where a classified employee submitted a PIQ to their supervisor and never received a response. The Director of Human Resources has 30 days after the PIQ is received in that office to respond to the employee. It was MSP that a proposal be made to the Administrative Council that an internal policy be established stating that the supervisor at each level have no more than 15 days in which to handle an employee's PIQ.

Motion was made that the Council go on record as supporting the calendar which was originally submitted by the Calendar Committee. The committee had recommended that classes begin on Monday, August 24th, with no study day designated between the end of classes and the beginning of final exams. The vote was 5 in support, 2 against, and 2 abstentions.

The next meeting of the Classified Employees Council will be held on Wednesday, March 11th at 9 a.m. in the Blue-Gray Room. Mr. David Grove and Mr. Wally Gage from Physical Plant will be invited to the March meeting. Council meetings are open.

Respectfully submitted,

Marsha A. Branch
Classified Employee Council Secretary

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