Classified Employee Council Minutes


Present: Marcia Hanifan, Robert Jenkins, Pat Sherwood, Dan Starliper, Agnes Tabler (alternate), Shelley Tharp, Sally Urban, Anna Mary Walsh, Karen Wempe, Harry Young, Karl Wolf, Paul Allen, Cheryl Layton, Stacy Wright (alternate), GUESTS: Ken Harbaugh, Sharon Kipetz, Vice President Student Affairs.

Anna Mary Walsh called the meeting of the Council to order.

Minutes of 11/11/99 were approved as read.

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See attached

No report

Shelly reported that a Bingo Night will be our next fundraiser, an "Antique's Roadshow" will be considered at a future time.

The committee is looking at how scholarships are awarded and will keep the council informed of their progress. Fund now stands at $33,677. At this time 31 employees participate in payroll deductions. If YOU would like to join contribute in this painless fashion, please contact Shelley Tharpe, or any council representative!

Social Committee:
The Classified Employee Luncheon is scheduled for 12/14/99.

New Business:
Ken Harbaugh suggested the legislature be approached about a matching funds program for scholarship payroll deductions, not only for Shepherd College, but for all the state institutions. This will be mentioned when John Unger on Thursday, December 16th.

Welcomes, Farewells and Transfers:
New Employees: Saman Huor, Maintainence
Micheal Reese, Computer Center
James Dayhoff, Computer Center
Farewells: Lee Diaz, Library
John Shade, Maintainence
Diane Mello, Cafeteria

The meeting was then turned over to Dr. Sharon Kiteptz, Vice President of Student Affairs. Sharon shared with the council what is happening in Student Affairs.

1.The "One Card Plan" was discussed. Sharon stated that the One Card Plan would NOT be funded by the students. It will generate it's own funding, after the initial investment for the setup.

2. Dining Hall/Ram's Den revamping program is being designed to make these facilities more enticing to the students and the faculty and staff. These changes include a card system that can be used at both the Ram's Den and the Dining Hall, new furniture and lighting, extended hours for the Ram's Den, even the use of the fireplace in the Den. The proposed changes will require the hiring of a non-classified employee manager, with a limited, one year contract.

3. Sharon will attend her first Vice President's meeting on December 16th, in Charleston.

4. The Student Affairs staff has attended a retreat (November 22nd), and are advancing towards a new unity.

5. Residence Life has made an offer to one candidate for the area coordinator position. Two positions are available. Other positions waiting to be filled, secretary for residence life, assistant dean's position (formerly held by Hayden Rudolf), Dean of Student Affairs/Director of Residence Life.

6.Sharon pointed out some of the inter-departmental endeavors...such as the Crisis Team, which helps identify students at risk, and seeks to intervene in a timely fashion, the Alcohol Task which, as one of it's tasks, will be looking at a new campus Alcohol Policy.

7. Student Affairs is enhancing it's outreach program to the Jefferson County School, with a "College Day" program being developed for eighth graders, and a "shadowing program" for junior high school students.

8.The First Annual Midnight Breakfast was announced, for Monday, December 13th, with faculty and staff serving breakfast for students from 11:30-1:00AM.

9. A "short term emergency fund" may be established for students for true emergencies that jeopardize the continued education of the student, such as students who may be forced to drop out of school to work and pay for car repairs. This would be an interest free loan, and only for situations that would interfere with education, and no other means of income.

report from Dean Young. The monthly meeting of the Board of Directors for the State College System was conducted earlier this week at Glenville State College. A few observations and notes from that meeting follow:

1. The BOD approved Series 25, Increased Flexibility for Freestanding Community and Technical Colleges, as required by HB3019.

2. A major administrative reorganization at Glenville was approved.

3. The BOD gave its support to the proposed change to the salary structure for Classified Employees. How the new structure would be funded and over what period of time are issues that will be answered by the Legislature through the annual appropriations process. The estimated cost to implement this proposed salary structure is over $30 million state-wide (University and College Systems).

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