Classified Employee Council Minutes

December 8, 1998

Present: Marie Carter (guest), Marcia Hanifan, Ken Harbaugh, Cheryl Layton, Johnette Jackson, Dan Starliper, Agnes Tabler, Sally Urban, Karen Wempe, Karl Wolf, Stacy Wright (alt.), Harry Young

Dan Starliper called the meeting of the Council to order.

Marie Carter, Executive Director of Administrative Affairs
VP Searches
After introductions, Marie Carter told us a little about herself and her work responsibilities this semester. She thanked everyone for a warm welcome to the community. A large portion of her time has been spent coordinating the two VP searches. Approximately 40 applications have received for the VP of Administration and Finance, and 50 for the VP of Student Affairs. The positions have been advertised nationally in a variety of publications. The deadline is December 15th. It is intended to invite candidates on campus in February. There will be opportunities for staff members to meet them.

Marie solicited input into training and staff development topics. Various needs were mentioned including: customer service, stress, health issues, nutrition, financial/retirement planning, abuse, and new staff orientation. A survey will be distributed in the future. It was mentioned that attendance might be higher at seminars if there was more support and encouragement from supervisors and VPs. The staff development committee will coordinate ideas with Marie. If anyone has any requests, contact Johnette Jackson, Ext. 5341.

Marie is available for facilitating resolution of concerns. People are not to circumvent the channels of command. But, if the system is not working, Marie can help in this process. It was suggested that she advertise open office hours periodically to be available. She is also serving as a women's advocate and coordinating efforts with other employees.

It was MSP that the minutes of the November 8, 1998 meeting be approved.

A joint meeting was held with the Board of Trustees. Legislative goals were reviewed. Point 4 will be dropped: Conversion of sick leave to survivor's insurance benefits. Here are the remaining legislative goals: 1.) Continued funding of the salary schedule 2.) Increase funding for PEIA. 3.) Increase the cap on the years of service for the annual increment. JEC reviewed TRIO program classifications. JEC is gradually reviewing positions in a systematic way. The current pay schedule intends to be fully funded by July 1, 2000.

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All classified employees are encouraged to take advantage of funds. There is $11,758.71 to spend.

Applications will be sent with the January minutes. There is a balance close to $30,000 in the scholarship account. Reminder that FAFSA forms need to be in by March 1st to qualify. Early admission applications need to be in by February 1st. Questions can be directed to Sandy Collier, Ext. 5363 or Ken Harbaugh, Ext. 5252.

The holiday party will be December 18 @ 11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. in the lower level of the Dining Hall. A jazz group will be the entertainment. All staff, faculty, and administrators are encouraged to attend.

Old Business:

Governor Underwood declared November 27, 1998 a state holiday. Dr. Dunlop has approved the extra day as a floating annual leave day, which will be added to the November totals.

Dining Hall is distributing guest passes to a meal in the dining hall to new staff and their mentors.

The strategic plan is being revised. Any classified staff members who have comments or concerns can address them to Melinda Landolt, Ext. 5419 or Barbara Maxwell, Ext. 5424.

The Technology Oversight Committee (TOC) was not made aware of the proposed fee increase. It was suggested that the TOC committee chair address this concern.

New Business:

The SGA is proposing creating an official coat of arms for the college. It was MSP to endorse SGA to pursue the concept of a coat of arms subject to approval by the president and executive staff.

It was requested that more lights should be installed for the parking lot of the Dining Hall. It was also mentioned that the electricity limit is "maxed out." This concern will be referred to David Grove.

There is a proposed constitutional amendment to transfer the Financial Aid Committee from the Student Life Council to Administration Council.

Welcome: Darlene Willis, Cafeteria
Transfer: Donna Semler, Registrar

The next meeting will be Tuesday, January 12 @ 9 a.m.

Submitted by,

Sally E. Urban

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