Classified Employee Council Minutes

December 7, 2000

Present: Paul Allen, David Cage (alternate), Brenda Feltner, Geraldine Hammond, Johnette Jackson, Cheryl Layton, Paula Scott, Libby Shanton, Dan Starliper, Shelley Tharp, Anna Mary Walsh, Karen Wempe, Deneatta Williams; Guests: Ken Harbaugh.

Anna Mary Walsh, chair, called the meeting to order.

It was M/S/P that the November 2, 2000, minutes be approved as distributed, and the secretary was reminded to send them to Tim Haines for posting on the Web page.

Association of Concerned Classified Employees
No report as there will not be another meeting until November 9. Anna Mary distributed a letter written by Amy Pitzer and Jenny Fertig, President and Vice-President of ACCE, respectively. Anna Mary asked for input as to our thoughts on this letter and a copy of ACCE's position on classification, compensation, and legislative items. After extensive discussion and the members concern in not knowing what the implications are with a bifurcated system, our Council M/S/P "that Anna Mary convey to ACCE that our Council is in favor only of the adjusted 2001 Mercer salary schedule, with funding to be provided in three years." (Note: This is our choice to be recommended to the HEPC who, in turn, should recommend this to the Legislature.)

Board of Advisors
Dan Starliper reported that the Shepherd College Board of Advisors met on November 16, 2000. Please see his attached report.

Scholarship Committee
Karen Wempe reported the committee is working on a letter to send to Senator Unger requesting his help in passing legislation for state funds matching our payroll deductions for the Classified Employees Children's Scholarship Fund. Dan Starliper also mentioned that this would be a good time to send a letter to all faculty and staff informing and encouraging them to participate in payroll deduction for the Classified Employees Children's Scholarship Fund.

Staff Development
Johnette reported again that there would be no flu shots for staff, as only forty doses were sent which had to be used for students.

She also reported that they met with Marie Carter and Rie Wilson, a local consultant, and they are putting together clusters for customer service seminars.

Buildings and Grounds Committee
Karen Wempe reported that construction on the elevator in Knutti and the Scarborough Library addition has begun.

Social Events
All faculty and staff are invited to attend the annual classified employees Christmas luncheon on Wednesday, December 13, in the lower level of the Shepherd College dining hall from 12 noon-1:30 p.m. Dr. Dunlop has granted one-half hour release time.

Anna Mary reported that the Compact (Shepherd's strategic plan) Committee continues to meet to complete a template to send to the HEPC, stating our objectives, FY2002 goals and six-year goals, as mandated by SB653.

Old Business
The route 480 crosswalk continues to be a major concern of the classified council. It was M/S/P "that Anna Mary invite Dr. Dunlop, the mayor of Shepherdstown, and representative of the Division of Highways to the January 4 classified council meeting to continue communication of concerns on this issue."

Anna Mary presented to council a draft letter that she wrote concerning the "Buy a Brick" campaign for Scarborough Library. It was M/S/P "that this letter be sent to all classified employees." (See attached)

New Business
It is a concern of Council that certain employees might be getting free meals, coffee, drinks, etc., in the Ram's Den and the dining hall. The financial benefit of such items over a period of time came in question. Council members requested that Anna Mary ask Bob Maidhof how many people eat free and who they are.

Another major concern of the Classified Employees Council is the recommendation to hire yet another Vice President. It is the consensus of the Council that Shepherd already has too many administrators. After discussion, it was M/S/P "that Council send a resolution to Dr. Dunlop opposing the hiring of a Vice President for Diversity at Shepherd College." A copy of this resolution will also be sent to the president of the Faculty Senate and to the president of the Student Government Association.

Johnette brought before Council the idea of making a pictorial directory of all faculty and staff. She said this is done at other colleges and it would be helpful in knowing who all the employees are at Shepherd. Council discussed the pros and cons of doing such a directory. Anna Mary will contact those members on staff who provided this service for some areas of the campus and see if it would be feasible to do campus-wide. It would take the entire faculty and staff's cooperation to succeed.

Dan Starliper commented there is a concern throughout the state regarding newly-elected Governor Wise in favor of not allowing state retirees to use accrued sick leave days towards free health insurance. This is a huge benefit for state retirees and the Classified Council is in favor of keeping this benefit the way that it is.

Other Business and Concerns
Dan Starliper mentioned the classified employees mentoring program. This is a program which was developed for new classified employees to request a mentor if they choose to have one. If any new classified employees would like a mentor, please contact Dan or Anna Mary.

Anna Mary will contact Dan Yanna regarding the following concerns:

  • Because parking spaces are very limited on the main campus due to major construction, there is a concern about snow being pushed into these spaces.

  • The trash piling up in the hallways in Turner Hall is still a problem. The housekeepers are concerned about the trash blocking exits and the unsanitary leakage from trash bags.

  • Housekeepers are also still concerned about not receiving janitorial supplies in a timely manner after they have submitted their requests.

  • What is happening with the ServiceMaster contract?

  • Update on the sprinkler system to be installed in Turner Hall so trash chutes can be opened for use again.

  • Concern that contractors are using Shepherd College employees to do things which we believe are covered in the construction contracts (example: electricians having to repair wiring).

    Staff Changes
    Welcome: Charles Brown, Dining Hall
    Craig Miller, Bookstore
    Ron Puller, Dining Hall
    Robert Turkaly, Ram's Den

    Farewells: Jamie Brant, Dining Hall
    Richard McComb, Dining Hall

    Retirees (12/31/00): Bud DeLauney, Facilities Management
    Robert Jenkins, Facilities Management
    Harry Young, Student Affairs

    There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 10:55 a.m.

    Respectfully submitted,
    Brenda J. Feltner
    Classified Employees Council Secretary

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